Terms & Conditions

    About Hubilo

  • HUBILO is a mobile application owned and operated by HUBILO Softech Private Ltd., a company incorporated under the laws of India, with its registered office at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
    Hubilo serves as a beneficial platform for all the stakeholders involved in an event such as the organizer, the attendee, the speakers and the sponsors. It helps organizers manage events in real time, by providing them a web and mobile platform to broadcast information and gain live insights into the proceedings of an event. It aids attendees by suggesting those people with whom they share similar interests, gives them an opportunity to network among themselves and also a medium to keep a track of the agenda of an event on the mobile application.

  • Terms and Conditions

    • 1. Privacy Policy

    • 2. Registration and Account

      In order to ensure the smooth functioning of the app and the safety of our users, Hubilo expects every user to abide by some rules:

      • I. Each user will create only one unique account by his/her name.

      • II. User will provide true information including their name, email ID, date of birth, industry, company etc.

      • III. User is forbidden to use any pornographic image as their display picture.

      • IV. In case of any change, the user must update the information immediately.

      • V. Any activity occurring through a user’s account is solely his/her responsibility.

      • VI. The user must not allow anyone else to operate their account. In case of any breach of safety of their account or unauthorized activity in their account, they must notify us immediately.

      • VII. While signing in through any one of the social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook, the user must make sure he/she logs in through his/her account only especially while trying to sign up using someone else’s phone.

    • 3. Sharing of Content and Information

      Each user has the ownership of the information they share on Hubilo which not only includes their profile information but also other kinds of content.

      • I. A user sharing information through public profile must understand that this information is available to all the other users for viewing and Hubilo will use this information to provide the user with improved services.

      • II. An organizer must not share false content regarding the event they create. Sharing inaccurate information regarding the venue, agenda, description or any general information regarding the event or sending notification with objectionable, harmful content would earn him/her a warning. After the first warning, if the user continues this behavior we reserve the right to remove the user from Hubilo indefinitely.

      • III. User – organizer or non-organizer, must understand that any information they share is available to Hubilo in a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free way to use that information according to our Privacy Policy.

    • 4. Carrier Fees

      The application needs constant usage of internet to provide the user with the services. Therefore the carrier fees of the data usage must be borne by the user himself/herself.

    • 5. Storage and Memory

      The application has a size of x MB.

      • I. It uses local memory to store the profile information of the user (messages and notifications).

      • II. The application stores the information on the homepage and the event info page including some information regarding different users in the community in the events joined in cache memory.

      • III. The local memory and cache gets deleted when the user logs out of his account.

    • 6. Third Party Source Interactions

      The application allows the user to integrate their multiple social media profiles with their Hubilo account. However while interacting with these social networks; Hubilo will not assume responsibility for the content, terms of use, privacy policy of the third party source. The user must refer to the terms and conditions of the particular third party source.

    • 7. Safety

      Hubilo takes all the precautions to safeguard its users’ information. However, the method could fall short at any point of time. And therefore the users must take care not to share any delicate information through messages or notifications or in the event description etc.