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icreate is organising a national level, biggest Startup Grand Challenge – VG Startup Grand Challenge 2016, as part of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. It would be a periodic entrepreneurial startup challenge, embedded in each Vibrant Gujarat Startup Summit. VG Startup Challenge has the objective (and an overarching theme) to find innovative, technology based and commercially viable solutions to key developmental issues of the state and the nation. The challenge would provide an excellent opportunity and a platform for startups, innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs, nationally as well as internationally, to develop affordable and sustainable solutions that improve and dramatically change the developmental landscape of the country.




The themes of this year's Grand Challenge are - WATER and FOOD, the two sides of the same coin and two of the major pillars of development of an economy. If used wisely they can take the economy to great heights in all sectors.

 Food                                                        Water

The Challenge would be open to all and to encourage participations, entries would be allowed in English, Hindi as well as Gujarati. Applications would be invited for two levels:

  • Level 1 : Idea Stage

  • Level 2 : Prototype Stage

Eligibility Criteria

The Grand Challenge is open to people of all nationalities, age groups and qualifications. 

Our aim is to help people realize that we face some very serious threats and make them conscious of the fact that it is not only inventors, but thinkers, who can creatively use today's technologies to help shape a better world.

Prizes and Benefits

Level 1 : Idea Stage
Level 2 : Prototype Stage
1st Prize : INR 5 Lakh
1st Prize : INR 15 Lakh
2nd Prize : INR 3 Lakh
2nd Prize : INR 9 Lakh
3rd Prize : INR 1 Lakh
3rd Prize : INR 3 Lakh
INR 10k to Top 10 non winners
INR 25k to Top 10 non winners
Common benefits to both level

Top 26 teams will be selected and given a special package which consists of

Financial Support
Elevator Pitch
Demo Day
Reverse Pitching
Free Access

200 selected applications will be given incubation support. These applicants will be declared on the day of the summit. Selective few applications from outside Gujarat will also be provided incubation support.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Thoroughness - The proposed solution (idea/prototype) either in the form of product, service or process meets depth and diversity of specific requirements faced in chosen scenario. Graphs, tables, drawings, formulae, algorithms, not compulsory, but should be clearly visible and properly labeled if provided.

  • Innovation - The ‘core offering’ (idea/prototype) solves a currently ‘unsolved problem’ or ‘partially solved problem’ with a first-of-its-kind solution that is unique relative to the current alternatives offered by existing players in organised sector.

  • Practicality - Submission identifies real problem and comes up with an implementable and a feasible solution.

  • Accessibility and affordability - Solution could be offered in a form that is easily accessible to the potential user and at an affordable price.

Selection Process

The applications will go through a process of screening and evaluation by domain experts from the industry. The top 26 selected teams or participants will be invited and taken through a 2 day Mentoring Bootcamp to refine their Idea/Prototype and support to build their capacity, leading to Elevator Pitches. The top 3 (in each level) selected teams will receive funding, poteintial incubation support, access to domain experts and investments from angels and VCs.




Supporting Organisations

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For Grand Challenge

Ankit Machhar


First Floor, GMDC Building, 132 ft. Ring Road, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad 380 052, Gujarat, India

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To participate in the Vibrant Gujarat Startup Grand Challenge 2016, visit (“website”) at the Application Window, accurately and truthfully complete the online registration form, accept these Terms and Conditions and follow the instructions for submitting an Entry as described on the Site and below.

An “Entry” (for a Team, or an individual) must be an original idea based on an implementable and feasible solution for one or both of the following themes:
  1. Food
  2. Water
The individual/team accepting the Terms and Conditions and submitting an Entry is referred to as an “Applicant” or “you.”
Applicants may submit an Entry either as an Individual Participant or as a Team, as designated at the time of registration for the Challenge. As used herein, “Entry” means all submissions, original ideas, documents or other materials submitted to the Organizers. Each Entry must be the original creation of the Applicant. Upon successful completion of application form, Applicant will not be able to cancel, remove or withdraw the application.


Individuals: Individual Participants can enter the Challenge irrespective of their location or nationality.

Teams: As an alternative to participating as a single individual, Individual Participants may choose to form a team (“Team”) of multiple people to submit a single Entry. Each member of the Team that contributes in any way to an Entry (each a “Team Member”) shall be considered to automatically have accepted the Terms and Conditions. The Organizers reserve the right to disqualify any Team (and all Team Members) if any one Team Member has not accepted these Terms and Conditions. An Entry submitted by a Team must designate one Team Member as the “Team Leader” for contact and Grand Challenge administrative purposes. The Team Leader will be responsible for submitting the Entry on behalf of the Team. For purposes of this Grand Challenge, a Team, once registered with a Team Leader, will own all Entries made by any Individual Participant on the Team.
An Individual Participant / Team may submit multiple Entries. In the event an Individual Participant or a Team is disqualified, the Team that the individual belongs to and all Entries submitted by the Team will also be disqualified.

Applicants are responsible for any costs or expenses associated with preparing and submitting an Entry. Entries violating intellectual property rights, or any local or country law(s) will be ineligible and disqualified. Entries can be submitted in English, Hindi or Gujarati. Applicants assume all risk of damaged, lost, late, incomplete, invalid, incorrect or misdirected Entries. All Entries (and related information) shall be deemed collected and judged in India. Each Applicant agrees that the Organizers will have the right, but not the obligation, in its sole discretion to contact any Applicant regarding a possible transaction or other business relationship with the Organizers to commercially pursue a submitted Entry.

All rights are reserved by the organizers and fall under the jurisdiction of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

  1. By agreeing to the Terms & Conditions the Applicant indemnifies the organisers and its associates from any loss of IP/property/ prototype. However, the organisers will not be responsible for the leakage or damage of IP/prototype design or any other form of property of the Applicant.
  2. The Organisers and its associated parties will not be obligated to use or have the IP of any Applicant. By agreeing to the Terms & Conditions the Applicant indemnifies the organisers and its associates from any loss or misuse of property/ IP/ prototype
  3. Successful submission of duly filled application online/ offline is solely the responsibility of the applicant.
  4. The decision of the evaluation panel/experts, and/or (internal and/or external) would be final and binding and cannot be challenged in any way.
  5. Only the selected individuals/teams would be informed.