50 Founders. 3 Days of Bootcamp. 1 Year of Mentorship. The Product Leaders Bootcamp is back. Smaller, better, more intense.

25th November, 2016 - 27th November, 2016
Aimed at creating category leaders from Indian product startups, #PNGrowth is back with the same super-intense bootcamp format.
Except this time, it’s open to only 50 founders.
Ready to reimagine your journey?

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About the Program

#PNgrowth2016 is a program designed to help companies chase ‘Good Scale’ i.e. achieve high growth without compromising on quality. Achieving Good Scale is a critical first step to a company achieving Category Leadership, which is what we want all Indian product startups to get to.

This is one of the critical goals of Mission ProductNation.

PNGrowth2016 is another step in that direction. It will be a year long program comprising of 50 Founders who will go through a three day bootcamp, followed up with monthly mentoring sessions to track progress over the next 12 months.

*last date for filing for application is 10th October 2016


PNgrowth will be 85% of ‘Guide by side’, 10% of ‘Sage on stage’ and 5% of Expert Evaluation. Your output is proportional to the effort you put in. There is no passive learning.

What, Who, Why of PNgrowth

  1. PNgrowth is an invite only program conceived by iSPIRT to provide 3 day intensive residential coaching for founding teams of product/company that have been identified as high potential for Growth.
  2. Targeted towards companies that have found product-market fit, ideally with annual product revenues ranging from $300K to $1m. Although, the min and max revenue criteria can be relaxed a bit, product-market fit attainment is a mandatory criteria.
  3. PNgrowth is a founder-coach-founder, peer learning program. 8 - 10 founders from successful companies will be mentors at PNgrowth coaching 50 hand picked founders.
  4. PNgrowth 2016 is built around the theme of ‘Achieving Good Scale’

PNgrowth Co - chairs

  • Shankar Maruwada

    Co-Founder and CEO at EkStep

  • Aneesh Reddy

    Co-Founder & CEO at Capillary Technologies

  • Pallav Nadhani

    Co-founder of FusionCharts


  • Girish Mathrubootham

    CEO at Freshdesk

  • Manav Garg

    CEO & Founder, Eka software

  • Mohit Dubey

    Co- Founder & CEO CarWale.com

  • Phanindra Sama

    Former CEO - Redbus

  • Raghunandan G

    Co-Founder and CEO, TaxiForSure

  • Sanjay Deshpande

    Founder CEO & Chief Innovation Officer

  • Sanjay Anandaram

    Venture Partner, Seed Fund, Advisor at iSpirt

  • Shanmugam (Nags) Nagarajan

    CoFounder & CPO at [24]7 Inc.

  • Shekhar Kirani

    Partner at Accel Partners

  • Sudheer Koneru

    Founder and CEO at Zenoti

  • Suresh Sambandam

    CEO at KissFlow/OrangeScape

Program Advisors

  • Sharad Sharma

    Co-Founder at iSPIRT Foundation

  • Sharique Hasan

    Associated Professor at Stanford University

  • Aaron Chatterji

    Associate Professor at Duke University


  • Ahimanikya Satapathy

    CTO at DocEngage

  • Avinash Raghava

    Fellow at iSPIRT

  • Muralidharan Chandrasekaran

    Strategy & Open Innovation Professional at Accenture

  • Gokul K. S

    Program Director at Zone Startups/India

  • Natwar Maheshwari

    Founder at Around.io

  • Rohith Veerajappa

    Co Founder at Wow Labz

  • Shruti Ghatge

    Investment Team @ Accel

  • ThiyagaRajan M(Rajan)

    Fellow at iSPIRT



50 Companies. 3 Days of Bootcamp. 1 Year of Mentorship. #PNgrowth2016 is back


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Kindly reach the venue on 25th November, 2016 at 9:00 am


Brigade Orchards, Brigade Orchards Spinal Road, Devanahalli, Karnataka, India

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