I Am Tomorrow

Thank you all for making I Am Tomorrow - Barcelona very powerful and engaging! Our next stops include Cologne & London!

  • Celebrate: I Am Tomorrow is an interactive festival and conference that brings together incredible women in tech, business, arts, sports, science, politics and beyond.
  • Get Inspired: 30 Speakers from over 20 countries share their inspiring journeys and teach various skills to the participants.
  • Learn: Exclusive workshops on various topics including travel writing, scaling up, fashion, design thinking, art, A.I and more.
  • Collaborate: Interactive discussions, team building activities, and networking parties.
  • Connect: Great opportunity for participants to meet inspiring women from different sectors and to learn from industry specific thought leaders and mentors.
  • I Am Tomorrow - Barcelona is the first edition of the multi-city festivals that celebrates women and helps them connect, collaborate and learn. Upcoming cities include Cologne, London, Istanbul, Cluj, Lisbon and others.

Come meet 30+ inspiring speakers and connect with 400+ awesome participants like YOU!


30+ Outstanding Speakers will join us @ I Am Tomorrow Barcelona! Stay tuned for more news.

Anne Ravanona
Founder & CEO: Global Invest Her
Ashvini Yardi
Founder: Viniyard Films & Grazing Goat Pictures
Ayelet Noff
Founder & CEO: Blonde 2.0
Caritta Seppa
Co-Founder & COO: Tespack
Cathy White
Founder & Director: CEW Communications, Director: GeekGirl Meetup UK
Clara Montes
Organizer: TEDxBarcelona, TEDxBarcelona Women & Project Manager: Seed&Click
Dagnija Lejina
Co-Founder & CEO: Digital Freedom Festival
David Braun
Founder & CEO: DASHR
Edda Hamar
Founder & CEO: Undress
Elizabeth Perry
Co-Founder & Creative Director: White Bull
Goldie Uttamchandani
Author & Bilingual Certified Coach from ICF
Helena Torras
Co-Founder & CEO: B-wom
Jan Ameri
Chief Innovation Officer: Arctic15
Karolina Korth
Digital Health Scout: ROCHE Diabetes Care
Laia Crespo
Investment Director, Ysios Capital
Ligia Rolim
Founder: Retailonthegoal
Mar Alarcón
Founder & CEO: SocialCar
Maria Calafatis
Co-Founder: The Cube Athens
Marian Spier
Founder: TEDxAmsterdam Women
Moojan Asghari
COO & Co-Founder: Startup Sesame
Olesea Fortuna
President: GEN Moldova
Robin Wauters
Co-Founder: Tech.eu
Shamma Raghib
Founder & Gate Keeper: Data Pioneers
Soumeya Rachedi
Lawyer & Growth Consultant, Co-Founder: GEN Algeria
Stephanie Alys
Co-Founder & Chief Pleasure Officer: Mystery Vibe
Thalassa van Beek
Founder: The Travelling Freelancer
Till Ohrmann
CEO & Co-Founder: PIRATE.global
Ton van 't Noordende
Tech Investor & Partner: Keadyn
Valentina Mandhuchi
Dancer - Model - Traveller - Entrepreneur
Vanessa Sans
Coworking Activist: Happy Working Lab
Veronica Torras
Founder: B-wom
Vojna Ngjeqari
Ambassador: Women Entrepreneurship Day - Austria
Yesika A. Robles
TechWoman Captain: TechStars & Co-Founder: Tespack
  • day 1
  • 22nd Jun, 2017
08:15 am - 09:00 am
Registration & Networking
09:00 am - 09:05 am
Opening Remarks
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Anne Ravanona
09:05 am - 09:45 am
Global Change Makers
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Dagnija Lejina
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Elizabeth Perry
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Maria Calafatis
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Olesea Fortuna
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Soumeya Rachedi
09:45 am - 10:00 am
Performance/Act By Valentina Mandhuchi
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Valentina Mandhuchi
10:00 am - 10:15 am
No More Hidden Figures - Marian Spier
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Marian Spier
10:15 am - 11:00 am
Opportunities in Health - SexTech - Retail - Data
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Cathy White
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Karolina Korth
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Ligia Rolim
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Shamma Raghib
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Stephanie Alys
11:00 am - 11:10 am
I Am Zorro
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Moojan Asghari
11:15 am - 11:55 am
Networking & Snack Break :)
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm
Entrepreneurial Stories from different worlds
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Ayelet Noff
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Robin Wauters
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Vojna Ngjeqari
12:30 pm - 01:20 pm
Founder Stories
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Edda Hamar
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Mar Alarcón
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Till Ohrmann
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Vanessa Sans
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Veronica Torras
01:20 pm - 01:45 pm
Women-Led Startup Showcase
01:45 pm - 02:15 pm
Investor Insights & How To Make Dreams Come True!
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Clara Montes
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Helena Torras
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Laia Crespo
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Ton van 't Noordende
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Yesika A. Robles
02:15 pm - 03:15 pm
03:15 pm - 04:00 pm
Interactive Discussion: Managing Growth - Life - Stress
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Caritta Seppa
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/David Braun
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Goldie Uttamchandani
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Jan Ameri
04:15 pm - 05:15 pm
08:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Networking Party


LA BONNE, Carrer de Sant Pere Més Baix, Barcelona, Spain

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