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The event venue located at “Helipad ground Exhibition Centre ” Sector -17, Gandhinagar, a capital of state of Gujarat, India. It is one of the biggest convention centres for international events. The premises cover about 15 exhibition halls for various purpose viz seminars, conference, and events. “Helipad Ground" is close to SVP International airport, Ahmedabad (approx. 20 km). From Luxury to budget - all kind of hotels are available at Ahmedabad which is about 30 minutes drive from the venue at Gandhinagar. During your stay in the recommended hotels, registered delegates will be provided pick up and drop off facility.
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Ahmedabad - First Heritage City of India

Ahmedabad is a city emulsified in colour of tradition, culture, history and business. The city dwells on the bank of Sabarmati, where people are usually seen shredding their morning indolence and evening stress.The river split the city into old and new, but their festive celebration and events keep them in sync. The city is an abode for food lovers, who are usually found exploring high-end luxurious gourmet gratifying their taste.The famous “Gandhi Ashram” still brings memories alive of freedom revolution lead by Mahatma Gandhi, one of the key attraction for tourists.
No doubt the city is known for historical events and monuments its commercial growth is noteworthy. All kind of businesses and industries are embraced by this city viz, Textile, IT, Dyes and Chemicals, Logistics, Foundry, Heavy Engineering, Hospitality, and so on. The city is in the central region of western India, connecting all rails and routes, making a financial hub for many investors, industrialist and corporates.
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Gandhinagar- A Garden City, Venue of the 66th IFC

Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat often quoted as “Green City”. The city is covered under lush green gardens and gigantic trees, which creates an eye soothing image the moment you enter the city. The aerial view summons like a whole city enclosed under a green canopy.The city is not only famous for its green image but it is also an epicentre fora political movement in the state, accommodating upper and lower parliamentary house. Gandhinagar is known for its well structured city planning, segmenting 177 million square meter area into total 30 sectors. Sault Mound (Gandhi Museum) and Akshardham are worth visiting.