In the first edition of I Am Tomorrow in Barcelona, we hosted 33 outstanding speakers from 20 countries and 300+ participants. I Am Tomorrow is now coming to Cluj- Napoca this Nov - 11 to discover female role-models, women-led startups and will discuss tech, business, arts, life, stress, investments and growth over inspiring talks, panels, pitches, and workshops.

  • Celebrate: I Am Tomorrow is an interactive festival and conference that brings together incredible women in tech, business, arts, sports, science, politics and beyond.
  • Get Inspired: 20 outstanding speakers from Romania and other countries will join us to share their inspiring journeys and teach various skills to the participants.
  • Learn: Exclusive workshops on various topics.
  • Collaborate: Interactive discussions, team building activities, and networking parties.
  • Connect: Great opportunity for participants to meet inspiring women from different sectors and to learn from industry specific thought leaders and mentors.
  • I Am Tomorrow - Romania is the fifth edition of the multi-city festivals that celebrates women and helps them connect, collaborate and learn. Upcoming cities include Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong and others.

Come meet 25 inspiring speakers and connect with 300 awesome participants like YOU!

  • day 1
  • 11th Nov, 2017
02:00 pm - 02:15 pm
Welcome Note


Transylvania College, Aleea B?i?oara, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County, Romania

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