33 outstanding speakers from 20 countries and 300+ participants joined us at I Am Tomorrow - Barcelona in June. I Am Tomorrow is now coming to Cologne this Sep - 8 to discover female role-models, women-led startups & to discuss tech, business, arts, life, stress, investments & growth over inspiring talks, panels, pitches and workshops.

  • Celebrate: I Am Tomorrow is an interactive festival and conference that brings together incredible women in tech, business, arts, sports, science, politics and beyond.
  • Get Inspired: 15 women leaders and female founders share their inspiring journeys.
  • Learn: Exclusive workshops on various topics.
  • Collaborate: Interactive discussions and networking activities.
  • Connect: Great opportunity for participants to meet inspiring women from different sectors and to learn from industry specific thought leaders and mentors.
  • I Am Tomorrow - Cologne is the second edition of the multi-city festivals that celebrates women and helps them connect, collaborate and learn. Upcoming cities include London, Istanbul, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong and others.

Come meet 15 inspiring speakers and connect with 100+ awesome participants like YOU!

Andrada Sirbu
CoFounder: StartupBonn & Owner: Conscious Business
Anitta Krishan
Organizational Development Lead: Trivago
Marsha Grant
Communications Manager: eyeo
Eveline Kaik
Founder & CEO: Agentur rubbeldiekatz
Sabine Roeltgen
Owner: Aktienexpertin und Business-Coach
Barbara Lampl
Verhaltensmathematikerin & Founder & Mentor
Britta Schulz
Co-Founder: OLE GmbH
Mela Chu
Founder & CEO: BLCKSWN
Rachel Brochado
Community Manager: eyeo
Sara Usinger
Former Program Manager: Avatech Accelerator - Iran
  • day 1
  • 8th Sep, 2017
02:00 pm - 02:20 pm
Registration & Networking
02:20 pm - 02:30 pm
Welcome Note
02:30 pm - 02:50 pm
It's Not Business, It's Personal - Andrada Sirbu
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Andrada Sirbu
02:50 pm - 03:20 pm
Germany To Iran - Journey of Sara Usinger & Growth Story of Trivago - Anitta Krishan
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Anitta Krishan
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Sara Usinger
03:20 pm - 03:40 pm
Growth Story of eyeo by Marsha Grant, Rachel Brochado
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Marsha Grant
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Rachel Brochado
03:40 pm - 04:10 pm
Networking Break
04:10 pm - 04:30 pm
How To Invest In Shares & Make Money - Sabine Roeltgen
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Sabine Roeltgen
04:30 pm - 04:50 pm
Talk - Britta Schulz
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Britta Schulz
04:50 pm - 05:10 pm
Mit Empathie in die Digitalisierung - Mela Chu
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Mela Chu
05:10 pm - 05:30 pm
Making Money to Change The World - Barbara Lampl
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Barbara Lampl
05:30 pm - 05:50 pm
A Great You - Eveline Kaik
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Eveline Kaik
05:50 pm - 06:00 pm
Closing Remarks



STARTPLATZ, Im Mediapark, Cologne, Germany

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