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I Am Tomorrow is an International event that brings together outstanding women in tech, arts, business and beyond. We've hosted over 100 speakers from 50+ countries and over 800 participants at our previous events in Barcelona, Cologne, London, Copenhagen etc. We are coming soon to Lahore and join us for a day full of inspiring stories, panel discussions and workshops.

Arshia Mahrukh
Founder: Verras
Aurélie Salvaire
Founder: Shift Balance
Falahat Imran
President, Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Lahore Division (WCCI)
Fatin Gondal
Co-Founder: Web Work Solutions
Hamna Tahir
Co-Founder: ProperGaanda
Jannat Ali
Dancer, Transgender Activist, Actress
Gharidah Farooqi
Madiha Hamid
Founder: Chefling Tales
Maria Umar
Founder & President: Women's Digital League
Sidra Riaz
Founder: 102 Studios
Mashal Peerzada
Director Strategy & Programs: ACTIV8
Ali Sohail
Co-Founder: I Am Tomorrow - Pakistan
Mehreen Zahra-Malik
Reporter & Editor: Reuters, The New York Times
Mehmal Sarfraz
Leading journalist & TV producer
Rimsha Farouk
Business Professional
Sana Aslam
Founder: FarfaBio
Saira Mansoor
Mix Media Artis, Film Maker & Publicist
Safee Shah
GM: UBER Pakistan
Seyham Vahidy
Founder & Creative Director: Open Window CS
Tamara Robeer
Performance Strategist & MarComm Ninja
Danish Jabbar Khan
CEO: Kaarvan Crafts Foundation
Wajeeha Sabir
Entrepreneur. Software Engineer. Teacher. Artist
Wajiha Kashan
Founder & Director: Affordable.pk
Yusra Amjad
Poet, Writer & Standup Comedian
Zara Zaman Khan
Designer, Entrepreneur, Globetrotter
Zebunnisa Burki
Deputy Editor, Op-Ed
Zenith Irfan
1 Girl 2 Wheels
Zoe Richards
Lawyer & Human Rights Defender
Mudassar Sharif
  • day 1
  • 3rd Mar, 2018
12:50 pm - 01:30 pm
Registration & Networking
01:30 pm - 01:35 pm
Opening Remarks by Ali Sohail
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Ali Sohail
01:35 pm - 01:50 pm
Opening Keynote by Aurélie Salvaire
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Aurélie Salvaire
01:50 pm - 02:30 pm
Change Makers Panel: Moderated By - Amna Zafar, Panelists: Madiha Hamid, Maria Umar, Falahat Imran, Danish Jabbar Khan, Hassan Khan (UBER)
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Falahat Imran
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Madiha Hamid
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Maria Umar
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Danish Jabbar Khan
02:30 pm - 02:40 pm
Talk by - Zoe Richards
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Zoe Richards
02:40 pm - 03:10 pm
Founders Panel: Moderator: Wajeeha Sabir, Panelists: Rabia, Arshia Mahrukh, Sana Aslam, Wajiha Kashan, Fatin Gondal
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Arshia Mahrukh
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Fatin Gondal
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Sana Aslam
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Wajeeha Sabir
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Wajiha Kashan
03:10 pm - 03:25 pm
Talk by Jannat Ali
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Jannat Ali
03:25 pm - 03:35 pm
Talk by Seyham Vahidy
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Seyham Vahidy
03:35 pm - 04:15 pm
Break: Coffee & Conversations
04:15 pm - 04:40 pm
Leadership Panel: Moderator: Ali Sohail Panelists: Hamna Tahir, Zenith Irfran, Rimsha Farouk, Zara Zaman, Muneeza Anwar (Pepsi)
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Hamna Tahir
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Ali Sohail
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Rimsha Farouk
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Zara Zaman Khan
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Zenith Irfan
04:40 pm - 05:00 pm
Talk by Tamara Robeer
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Tamara Robeer
05:00 pm - 05:35 pm
Women in Art & Media: Moderator: Mehmal Sarfaraz, Panelists: Gharidah Farooqi, Zebunnisa Burki, Mashal Peerzada
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Gharidah Farooqi
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Mashal Peerzada
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Mehmal Sarfraz
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Zebunnisa Burki
05:35 pm - 05:50 pm
Talk by Sidra Riaz
05:50 pm - 06:00 pm
Talk by Saira Sheikh
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Saira Mansoor
06:00 pm - 06:10 pm
Startup Stories
06:10 pm - 06:25 pm
Talk by Safee Shah - GM - UBER Pakistan
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Safee Shah
06:25 pm - 06:35 pm
Standup Comedy - By Yusra
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Yusra Amjad
06:35 pm - 06:45 pm
Closing Remarks by Ali Sohail
https://hubilo-o4mlunccwnbtnhr.stackpathdns.com/speaker/profile/thumb/Ali Sohail
06:45 pm - 07:45 pm
Networking Reception


Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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