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The Human Rights Convention – launched in April 2017 – is an annual flagship event organized by Chapter Four Uganda in partnership with civil society and development partners. The Convention, that connects 250+ key stakeholders from across all communities, provides an engaging platform for individual and collective reflection on emerging human rights issues to explore innovative approaches to emerging challenges to advance free, equal and justice societies.

Preparations for the Human Rights Convention, 2018 – the second annual event – are in high gear. This year's theme is, "Political Discourse and Human Rights: Which Way Uganda?"

This event website has been developed to keep our guests and members of the public abreast of the upcoming schedules, speakers, time of events, the convention in numbers, and a lot more. 

Thank you for being part of our event!





LGBTI persons and people with disabilities will be in attendance. An important opportunity to advance equality.


Engaging space for students, feminists & pro-democracy activists to explore, interact and bring new ideas to the fore.


Join the conversation to interact with journalists from print and broadcast media on advancing rights in political discourse.


Engage senior leaders from academic institutions, research scholars and other distinguished members of academia.


Young and senior advocates will be in attendance. Join the conversation to engage them.


Business cannot thrive in failing societies. Join private sector players for reflections on promoting rights. 


A great space for HRDs and WHRDs to meet with peers, reflect; and engage duty bearers for safe & enabling environment for their work.


Join the conversation to engage senior government officials - judiciary, parliament, police - on civil liberties, rule of law, and security situation.


13:30 - 14:00

Arrival and Registration

  • Welcome to the Human Rights Convention, 2018!
  • Please look out for the registration desk to register your presence and take time to network with other guests.
  • We look forward to a great first day!
14:10 - 14:15

Welcome Address

What should you expect in the next two days? Official welcoming message highlighting major events coming up during the next two days of the Convention.

16:40 - 17:00

Closing remarks

A recap of Day I of the Human Rights Convention 2018 and highlights of what to expect tomorrow at the main Convention.

17:00 - 19:30

Networking cocktail

After an engaging first day, join our community for an evening cocktail to unwind and network with other guests in a relaxing environment. 

08:30 - 09:00

Arrival and Registration

Welcome to Day II of the Human Rights Convention, 2018! Please look out for the registration desk to register your presence. Breakfast is served. Get yourself a cup of coffee/tea and/or glass of juice and other accompaniments.

09:00 - 09:20

Opening Remarks

An overview of the Human Rights Convention and a highlight of what you can expect during the day.

09:20 - 10:45

PLENARY: Are human rights and democracy mutually exclusive? Reflections on Uganda's future

In this plenary, Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi will join Hon. Nalule Safia and other panelists for a conversation on the relationship between human rights and democracy in a democratic society. 

The panelists will reflect on the state of affairs in Uganda and interrogate the way forward for rights during politically charged discourse.

The session will be chaired by Maria Alesi... Read More

10:45 - 10:50

Breakout Sessions Brief

A brief on the three breakout sessions that start a few minutes after 11:00am shortly after the tea break:

  1. BREAKOUT SESSION I: Turning oppression into opportunity; Women and minority groups in Uganda.
  2. BREAKOUT SESSION II: Economic and social rights; Business and human rights landscape in... Read More
11:00 - 12:45

Breakout Session I: Turning oppression into opportunity; Women and Minority Groups in Uganda

Women and minority groups continue to grapple with a number of challenges in their effort to effectively participate in politics. How can discriminatory practices that foster oppression in many forms be countered to create opportunities? 

The session will be chaired by Godiva Akullo from Chapter Four Uganda.

11:00 - 12:45

Breakout Session II: Economic and Social Rights; Business and Human Rights landscape in Uganda

Businesses cannot thrive in failing societies. Respect for human rights and effective participation in politics for all is critical for sustainable peace and equal development. What can businesses do better to advance economic and social rights of the populace? 

The session will be chaired by Arnold Kwesiga from the Initiative for Social and Economic Rights (ISER).

13:00 - 14:00

Networking Lunch

One hour luncheon for all our guests to have a meal at the Hotel dining hall and interact with each other.

14:00 - 16:30

MAIN PLENARY: Constitutionalism and Social Change through Human Rights Activism

A power-packed session: Renowned rights activist Maina Kiai will deliver the keynote address after which an eminent panel of 3 will lead plenary discussions on constitutionalism and social change through human rights activism. 

The session will be chaired by Patricia Twasiima from Chapter Four Uganda.

16:30 - 17:00

Human Rights Award, 2018

Chapter Four Uganda and partners will award the 2018 honoree of the Human Rights Award. Initiated by Chapter Four Uganda in 2017, the Award is a non-monetary recognition of extraordinary efforts in service of human rights in Uganda and the region. 

The 2017 AwardRead More

17:00 - 18:00

Close of Convention and Networking

Thank you for joining us for the Human Rights Convention 2018 and for making it a huge success! We shall share soon highlights of the reflections and action points to promote respect for human rights during political discourse.

See you at the Human Rights Convention 2019!


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Convention Exhibitors

An online database of publications by convening partners
At the Convention, the convening partners will place on display a number of publications that are of interest to the conversation at the registration desks. For our online audience, we have provided links to several downloads. Follow the button to learn more and download.


Grab this opportunity to discover and connect with people coming to the event, sharing similar interests, industry or organisation and stay connected with them before, during and after the event.


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