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Have you ever imagined a world where you can change the pattern of a dress with a push of the button or one where you can change the height of a hem with a swipe of your finger?

An iOT enabled vehicle which can simulate driving and stop accidents or
a software enabled air pollution meter to monitor air quality on your smart
phone and thus your health; from smart technologies enabling Governments to work smartly to Industry automation systems bringing
higher productivity and reduction in costs at factories.

These revolutionary technologies are paving way for more controlled,
convenient and connected living patterns.

From robots and drones used for transporting items of urgent requirements for disaster management and defense to iOT based devices
fitted with sensors to notify the concerned healthcare providers or doctors in a hospital when there is any change in the vital functions of a patient and provide immediate attention and cure; Applications of AI, Cognitive Computing, iOT, Industry 4.0 and robtics are going to drive the
future and change the way we live.

With Theme based pavilions, innovation zones for exhibition, focused topic sessions and demonstration of disruptive technologies, witness the way IT will transform the way we live at Vibrant IT Summit.





The summit shall be potent of tremendous amount of curative thought provoking sessions. These exchanges of knowledge shall be detailed encounters of quality information. Content generated at the Summit shall not be merely superfluous, here quality will be the king.


The summit shall successfully establish the applications and impacts in the efficient utilization of the concurrent content. In a digital first eco system, the use , re use , access of smart content is inevitable. The Summit shall effectively propagate the same. The enhancement of the content holds true when it is delivered in the precisely right and relevant context.


Acquiring the appropriate sort of content with utmost just context, allows to seamlessly correlate with the pre-learned applications. The Summit shall also provide abundant connection opportunities in terms of networking, developing future business prospects.


Ideas, Interaction, Debates, Networking

The conference is aimed at prompting IDEAS that could possibly alter the tech space as we see it today. Allow tech leaders, Implementation agencies and users to INTERACT and create a common vision, DEBATE to allow divergent thought processes to thread bare the IDEAS so that they have meaningful impacts and implications for all and allow all stakeholders to form meaningful and forward looking NETWORKS to take opportunities home.

Summit Session

  • The Dawn of New Intelligence
    Future of AI in Shaping Safe Communities
  • Connecting the Dots
    City IOT infrastructure leading to failure free scenarios
  • Creating a New Order, Block by Solid Block
    Blockchain in new avatar, redefining financial, infrastructural and social infrastructure Distributed Data governance, de-centralized and all pervasive systems
  • A Big Leap Forward
    Integrate new discrete tech to redefine government, society and business interactions

  • The Buck Stops Here
    New financial platforms that redefine transactions, connections and automation
  • Get, Set, Start-Up
    Collaborative and Cooperative technology hubs, that could lead to faster and cost effective technology development for cross-cutting start-ups
  • The Human Edge
    New advancements in human wellness, safety and social resilience
  • Empowering Minds
    Knowledge hubs at the finger tips, move away from centralized to decentralized connected knowledge delivery systems leading to all-inclusive societal change – Smart societies
  • The Knowledge Owners
    Mining the applied intelligence and knowledge and make it available to through ubiquitous channels for broad based societal change.

  • Industrial Automation
  • Robotics
  • Process Automation
  • Living the Smart Future
  • Technology & Well Being
  • Transforming Technology
  • For Education
  • Accelerating Ahead
  • Towards a Safer Tomorrow
  • The Money Game
  • Connecting Lives Better


Showcasing the Best in the Next

The proposed Exhibition as part of the Conclave, will seek to unite companies and countries, large and small, investors, innovators, projects and decision makers, from emerging and developed markets right across the IT ecosystem and the world to showcase digital solutions, ideas, new products and visions... all in one exciting arena.
Exhibitors Registration Cost

The Innovative Edge


The exhibition shall have distinguished pavilions catering to various industry sectors as well as applications. Viz .iOT, cloud capabilities, smart cities, communication, Next Gen Technologies and such others.


As an exhibitor, you may not have to present there in order to be present at the stall. You can interact with your audiences and visitors through a video-conferencing platform and give them an enhanced virtual experience of a conversation.


The IT industry is characterized by change and upgradations coming in every moment. Needless to say, this zone shall have some of the most exciting discoveries and innovations made by the companies that are worthwhile for a showcase.


The fear of “not having enough” and running out of stock before the end of the show, makes exhibitors tend to print more than what they need and end up wasting tons of papers. Worst case scenario: all these leaflets that are distributed at trade shows often end-up in a trash bin. Going paperless helps the environment. Visitors can freely access digital content via QR codes.


By downloading our app, you can set prior appointments and meetings with all registered and interested exhibitors, delegates, speakers, Govt. officials and organisers allowing you to have a focused agenda for the exhibition.


The exhibition shall witness participation from some of the best and prestigious companies spread across the IT ecosystem. Don't fail the chance to join in.


You may want to contribute to a particular conference session topic or exhibit how your company delivers solutions in that field; all you need to do is enable visitors with microphones or headphones (to ensure sound proofing) and deliver a dialogue your best capabilities at your own stall.



Designed to foster innovations in the ICT sector, the Vibrant IT Summit 2018 awards honour the change makers. These best of the bests are the path breakers with never a better time to 'Make in India'. The awards shall recognize these trail blazers who are embracing enhanced digital inventiveness and progress, preparing the industry for the future of the next.


  • Best ICT Start-up
  • Best Innovative ICT Solution or Product
  • Best ICT Solution or Product in CSR
  • Best Electronics Industry Gujarat
  • Best Work Place ICT or Electronics Industry
  • Best Software Company
  • Best ICT Managed Service Provider
  • Best BPO or KPO
  • Best ICT Initiative in Education Sector
  • Best ICT Initiative in Public Sector Gujarat

Visitors Profile

  • Ministers from IT and other related sectors such as development or trade

  • Industry CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, CTOs of major IT players and investors

  • Representatives from Global innovation hubs

  • Small & medium businesses (SMEs), founders, entrepreneurs & innovators

  • Start-ups/ App developers

  • Healthcare, Retail & other IT enabled industries

  • Bankers, Venture Capitalists

  • Academics, consultants and digital thinkers

    Executive Council


    A Digitally Enabled India


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