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ELI: Innovation & Engagement Summit 2022

April 20, 2022


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About this event

During our half-day virtual event, learn from the best experts in our industry about evolving technologies, event innovations, and the science of engagement and discover how you can reinvent and reimagine your events.

What to Expect

  • Best ways to use new technology solutions
  • How to read your event's crystal ball
  • Ways to reinvent and reimagine your events with an innovation mindset
  • Deeper dive into emerging trends like holograms, drones, and AI...oh my!
  • How to maximize meaningful connections at hybrid, virtual, and in-person events
  • Master the mystery of the event metaverse

Key Take-Aways

  • You will be able to fluently advise your clients on emerging technology
  • You will be able to use new business models to define revenue streams
  • You start to use tips and technology hacks now and into the future
  • Your team will be prepared for disruptions and complications
  • You will think about the "so what" in every headline and how it will impact your events
  • You will think like a futurist

Join fellow marketers as we demonstrate how you can leverage the Hubilo platform to:

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