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Virtual Events Aren’t Working…

October 20, 2022

10am - 11:45am PDT

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About this event

Join us on Thursday, October 20 as we discuss with global event leaders and marketers why virtual hasn’t been working and the challenges we’ve been hearing from our customers and partners.

More importantly, witness Hubilo's answer to virtual events in our all-new session layout that will raise the bar for the entire event industry – recreating the excitement of live events in the virtual format. Starting with you!

Key Takeaways:

Join our interactive webinar and dive into:


Rachel Moore

Sr. Director of Community, Hubilo

Will Curran

Founder & Chief Event Einstein

Kathleen Timbol-Abdeen

Director of Product & Field Marketing, Hubilo

Yuvraj Saxena

Director of CX, Hubilo

Chloe Richardson

VP Senior Corporate Relations Explori | ELX

Darya Vokhmentseva

Senior Strategic Events Manager, Acronis

Shameka Jennings, CMP

Chief Events Officer, Events Noire

Liz Caruso

CEO, Techsytalk

Sneha Garg

Community Manager, Hubilo

Morgan Chaney

Head of Marketing, Tessera Data, Checkr

Gloria Zhu

Director of Demand Gen, Hubilo

John Cordier

CEO, Epistemix

Tess Vismale

Event Rescuer, iSocialExecution

Paris Scott

Senior Program Manager, Corporate Fundraising Programs and Operations | American Red Cross

Shawn Swearingen

Director, American Chemistry Council

Nick Rajpara

Economic Development Specialist, U.S. Small Business Administration


Welcome to Hubilo NEXT

10:00 - 10:05

Rachel Moore

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NEXT: What do we mean "Virtual isn't working"?

10:05 - 10:30

Rachel Moore, Will Curran

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What’s up with virtual events? Or should we say what’s down?

In this first session of NEXT, Senior Director of Marketing Rachel Moore will say the quiet part out loud: how virtual events of the past have often fallen short of expectations.

Will Curran of Endless Events will join Rachel to share the industry POV of the state of virtual events, then together they'll reveal Hubilo's all-new user interface (UI) that will transform your future events with innovation you’ve only dreamed about.

Yet virtual isn't the only type of event today (obviously). Rachel will bring in special guests (TBA!) to share the landscape and struggles of this year's in-person events and what we can expect in 2023 (or, as we like to put it, what's NEXT). 😏

NEXT: Demanding more from event tech

10:30 - 10:50

Kathleen Timbol, Yuvraj Saxena

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We have a list of demands.

We all do. When we use event tech to put on an event for our business, we have a slew of needs that must be met. Needs like building demand generation, managing leads, and making engagement possible.

And it isn't just event planners and marketers who are "needy." We're answering to our superiors, our clients, our attendees, our sponsors... There's a whole host of stakeholders demanding more from event tech today.

In this session of NEXT, Director of CX Yuvraj Saxena and Senior Field Marketing Manager Kathleen Timbol bring the receipts from when customers have needed specific outcomes from Hubilo and come away supremely satisfied. They'll also inspire you with how the word "events" can mean so much more: think webinars, sessions, product releases, press conferences, celebrations.

Whatever you need, you can do with great event tech!

NEXT: What do the planners think for 2023?

10:50 - 11:15

Rachel Moore, Chloe Richardson, Darya Vokhmentseva, & Shameka Jennings

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It's Q3 and we all have our eye on our plans for the new year. To bring NEXT full circle and offer even more answers to your burning questions about 2023, your emcee Rachel Moore will gather a diverse set of voices and perspectives to chat challenges and talk about how they'll tackle the new year.

This dynamic panel will feature Explori's Vice President of Senior Corporate Relations Chloe Richardson, Acronis' Senior Strategic Events Manager Darya Vokhmentseva, and Events Noire Chief Events Officer Shameka Jennings, CMP.

We're all in this together, and this final panel will help us all face what's NEXT.

NEXT: Breakout into the beyond

11:15 - 11:45

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Trust that as we wrap up the day’s content, there will be so much to discuss.

Hubilo’s Breakout Rooms will be open, ready, and waiting for you and your event buddies to drop in and discuss. Join lounges for topics on Community, Demand Gen, Data Intelligence, Associations, and whatever else you can come up with.

Breakout: Event Tech for Community

Hosts: Liz Caruso & Sneha Garg
Budgets may rise and fall, trends may twist and turn, yet through it all community is tried and true. Join Liz Caruso, CEO of Liz King Events and the Techsytalk Collaborative, and Hubilo's Community Manager Sneha Garg for a meaningful breakout where leaders and organizers can share secrets and ideas to activate your all-important fans and advocates.

Breakout: Event Tech for Demand Gen

Hosts: Gloria Zhu & Morgan Chaney
Events are a mighty marketing channel, and we all know that marketing is a crucial component of the sales funnel. Which means our events matter a ton to generating demand for your brand! In this breakout, Hubilo's Demand Gen Director Gloria Zhu and Raydiant's Vice President of Marketing Morgan Chaney will educate on best practices for using event tech to feed the pipeline your sales teams crave.

Breakout: Event Tech for Data Intelligence

Hosts: John Cordier & Tess Vismale
Data is one of the shiniest aspects of event tech as it helps you capture every click of the mouse and flick of the eye. Yet the true value of your event data may be just a twinkle in your eye until analysis helps it grow: think of a lighthouse guiding your way to the destination. In this crucial breakout for event planners and marketers, CEO and founder of iSocialExecution, Inc. Tess Vismale, CMP DES and CEO and co-founder of Epistemix John Cordier will guide a discussion about how to gather, analyze, and use event tech data for successful journeys ahead.

Breakout: Event Tech for Associations

Hosts: Paris Scott, Shawn Swearingen, & Nirav “Nick” Rajpara
Associations are their very own niche which look at attendees through the lens of members, sponsors, and mission. That's the simplest of explanations for a very complex aspect of events today, so for this NEXT breakout we're going to the experts: American Red Cross Senior Program Manager Paris Scott, American Chemistry Council Director Shawn Swearingen, and Nirav “Nick” Rajpara. Together we'll crack the challenges of association management and development in event planning.

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Registration for this event has closed. We hope you can make the next one!