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Organic Social Myths Busted + Tips for Hyper-growth

December 14, 2022

11:00-11:30 am PST


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About this event

Organic social remains a top priority for many marketing teams, but how are you supposed to grow your brand when you don’t have any water (aka budget)? Fortunately, you don’t need a green thumb to hit your goals — in this short but sweet webinar, we'll help you cut through common myths and develop fresh organic social strategies that’ll keep your competitors on their toes.

To really show you how to leverage social engagement and give back, we're going to turn emojis into dollars during this webinar! For every emoji sent during the event, we'll donate 1 dollar to Girls Who Code, up to $2000.

Join fellow marketers as we demonstrate how you can leverage the Hubilo platform to:

Join our webinar to learn

  • The three most prevalent myths people still be-leaf (hint: if you think interns are running your favorite brands’ social media channels, you should join this session)
  • Why these myths can wither your marketing efforts
  • How you can cultivate an organic social strategy that’ll yield big wins


Gloria Zhu

Director of Demand Gen, Hubilo

Amanda Harrison

Social Media Manager, Hubilo

Sneha Garg

Community Manager, Hubilo


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