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The Secret Sauce to Successful Webinars

Nov 30, 2022

11:00 - 11:25am PST


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About this event

Think of your favorite home-cooked meals growing up — isn’t there just something magical about them? And why is it so hard to replicate in your own kitchen?  

Well, now that you’re trying to cook up the perfect webinar, just remember — like those homemade meals, getting it right can take years of practice, fine-tuning, and a little bit of secret sauce. 

Join us on November 30th for a jam-packed 25-minute session on serving up events that attract more registrants and drive more conversions.  

Join fellow marketers as we demonstrate how you can leverage the Hubilo platform to:

Join our webinar to learn

  • The recipe for better promotion that boosts registrations 
  • The art and science of registrant follow-ups (from both sales and marketing) 
  • What free samples to offer to get people to attend your event 
  • How to spice up your tech integrations to unlock sales


Taryn Pacheco

Head of Growth, Hubilo

Jessica Connolly

Director of Events, Hubilo


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