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The Principles of Brain-Friendly Content

January 26, 2023

11:00am - 11:45am PT

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About this event

Engaging an audience through marketing, events, and content has changed scope. No matter the industry, businesses and buyers alike are creators and consumers. Turning them into customers takes meeting their expectations as both. 

Thankfully, designing campaigns and programs for how your prospects think (and what they want) isn’t magic—it’s science. Behavioral, neurological, and psychological science that ties how people’s brains prioritize and process information with what you want them to know.

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  • How to build clear, engaging educational content that aligns with how people think
  • Top mistakes to avoid when designing event programs
  • Science-based principles of brain-friendly content that converts


Victoria Matey

Event Psychology Advisor, Co-founder, Matey Events


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