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Trust Matters: Renowned Author John Hall on Trust, Influencers, and Events for Brand Success

June 22, 2023

11:00am — 11:30 am PST


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About this event

Join our conversation with co-founder of and the Chief Strategist of Relevance, John Hall, on building trust, forging genuine connections, and creating mind-blowing experiences that'll leave your audience craving more. John authored the best selling book Top of Mind and is an expert at helping people build trust. We're talking about the magic of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), the game-changing influence of influencers (both big shots and rising stars), and the incredible power of events.

We'll dish out practical strategies and juicy tips on how to supercharge your ABM efforts using events and education. Learn how to measure success and take those all-important next steps to nurture your relationships with the folks who matter most from engagement experts.

You won't want to miss this chance to dive into the world of trust-building, humanizing your brand, and making every engagement impactful!

Key Takeaways:

Join our interactive webinar and dive into:

🤝Building Trust: Discover effective strategies to build trust with your audience

🫂Humanizing Brands: Learn how to add a personal touch to your brand

🙋Leveraging ABM and Influencers: Understand the power of ABM and the influential role of influencers in shaping brand perception

🌟Events and Engagement: Explore the impact of events in driving engagement and creating memorable experiences for your audience


John Hall

Author of the hit book Top of Mind; Co-Founder,, and Chief Strategist at

Erik Newton

Chief Marketing Officer, Hubilo


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Registration for this Event has closed. We hope you can make the next one!
Registration for this event has closed. We hope you can make the next one!