12 Best Event Registration Software for Conferences and Virtual Events

Himani Sheth
June 24, 2017

Event registrations are one of the most important aspects of an event. It is a great way to build your attendee database with all the necessary information you need to create a great attendee experience.

With the evolution of technology, event registrations are now split two ways; offline and online. Multiple online platforms for event registrations have now emerged.

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Gone are the days with the hassle of getting those pen paper registration forms filled, managing the attendees standing in long queues to check in and sorting out these hard copy forms to create the database. But this can all be avoided.

Event organisers can create the perfect event registration form for their event and set-up event registrations online, making life simpler for both — the attendees and themselves.

Event Registration Tools

Here are some of the best online platforms to get your event registration in place:

1. Wordpress Plug-ins:

event registration platforms

Wordpress provides various plugins such as Event Manager, Event Espresso, Robby Ticketing systems, etc. for integrating your event calendar on your event website and facilitate registrations. This is a cost-effective method used by event organisers with a low-budget event.

Organisers who do not require a complex registration system may use Wordpress to set up their event registrations and event ticketing using these plug-ins, some of which are free. However, these plug-ins won’t facilitate some features provided by tools meant exclusively for registrations and ticketing.

Check out some amazing list of event WordPress plugins here.

2. Mailchimp:

event registration platforms

Mailchimp, when introduced, was meant for mailers exclusively. However, recently various event management software in the market have started integrating Mailchimp with their website for the purpose of event registrations. You can set up your event invites and registration forms, brand it your way with Mailchimp and send them out.

You can also get reports on the performance of these mailers to create your attendee registration database. However, this tool is not yet open to all events and requires integration with an event management tool to set up registrations.

3. Jotform:

event registration platforms

Jotform is a little different than other platforms as it is not meant specifically for registrations. It is an online form builder that can be used to create forms for multiple purposes, including event registrations. It does not require any kind of technical knowledge or coding to create forms.

Multiple tools and templates are available that can help the event organisers create their event registration form within minutes. Many event organisers with a low budget event prefer this platform as its monthly subscription model is more feasible. The registration database can be downloaded and accessed in the form of an excel spreadsheet.

4. Survey Monkey:

event registration platforms

Survey Monkey is popular among those organisers who would like to gather data on attendee preferences prior to the event. It is easy to create a quick registration form with this tool using its Wufoo Form service. Event organisers willing to collect a really detailed database on the attendees and their opinion in planning their event at the very beginning opt for this platform.

Details like venue preferences, travel requirements, food requirements etc. can be all included in such registration forms. The database generated is like any other survey. You can track your registrations and analyse the attendee responses accordingly.

5. Hubilo:

event registration platforms

Hubilo is a Do It Yourself platform that provides easy to set-up and easy to manage event registrations and ticketing options.

This all in one event automation software makes it really simple for the event organisers to create their registration forms tailored to their event and host it on their own domain with no added hassle of re-directing the attendees to an external site.

It provides an auto-generated consolidated data analytics report that is regularly updated along with all the information stored in one place about all the attendees. It also provides an added feature in form of its networking platform, which no other platform does.

It is linked to the registration form. An attendee is lead directly to the networking platform post registrations, making them a part of your event community, engaging them before the commencement of the event itself. It also facilitates the integration of QR code for digital check-ins making it more convenient for the organisers.

6. Eventzilla:

event registration platforms

Eventzilla is a software tailor-made for online registrations and ticketing. You can set up your event registrations via this platform. Like with Survey Monkey, Eventzilla also facilitates pre-event survey where the organisers can set up certain custom questions and note down responses from the attendees.

Daily reports are available to keep a track of registrations. It also helps in reducing the chance of no-shows by automatically sending out reminders to the attendees at a scheduled time before the event. This platform also facilitates ticking where the attendees can book, edit, cancel and download their tickets freely.

7. 123 Signup:

event registration platforms

123 Signup is easy to use flexible event registration software. One of the main benefits of using this platform is its ability to help create separate forms for different events. For organisers conducting small-scale meetings or networking events, forms can be related using the ‘simple’ set-up.

The registration platform provides ‘advanced’ set-up options for large-scale events such as conferences or tradeshows. Another additional feature of this software is that it facilitates registrations for exclusive events whereby the organiser’s approval is required for an attendee to register.

8. Oveit:

event registration platforms

Oveit is a smart event registration and ticketing software that integrates various event tech tools such as Near Filed Communications (NFC) and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). It also facilitates registrations and ticketing based on seating plans uploaded by the organisers. Oveit can be integrated with event website.

One of the pros of this software is that it can also be integrated with Facebook. However, on the downside, this software only integrates PayPal for payments. It might be inconvenient for attendees without a PayPal account to register and buy tickets accordingly.

9. Regonline:

event registration platforms

RegOnline is an easy to use and convenient online event registration software. The platform facilitates easy and flexible event registrations set-up whereby the event organisers can tailor the form as per their needs. One of the added benefits of this platform is that it facilitates hotel booking during registration itself.

The attendees can view different hotels and rates and can book their hotel during registration through RegOnline itself. Apart from this it also the attendees can apply various discount codes during registration and ticketing making it convenient. Customised badge printing is also possible with this platform.

10. XING Events:

event registration platforms

Previously known as Amiando, XING Events is an event management and registration software popular in Europe. It is popular mainly for events such as tradeshows and expos. The event organisers can integrate XING with their own event website, create a different event registration website or use XING itself. Integration with Facebook is also available.

This platform also facilitates registrations, ticketing and easy check-ins with the help of various event tech tools such as RFID. The software also facilitates mailers. Apart from this, the organisers can also integrate smart ticketing options post registrations with easy to manage payment integrations.

11. Regpack:

event registration platforms

Regpack is an intelligent registration software that can be used to create tailored forms for any event be it conferences, tradeshows or seminars. This platform allows you to personalise the event registration process by tailoring the event registration form to each individual using conditional logic and data validation.

It can be integrated with the event website and all the data is stored on a cloud platform and can be accessed or downloaded easily. The downside to Regpack is the lack of QR code for check-in.

12. Eventleaf:

event registration platforms

Eventleaf is an online registration software. The platform provides multiple options in terms of customising registrations and badge printing. The organisers can customise their event registration platforms by adding images, details and embedded videos. The platform also facilitates tracking via QR code.

In comparison to what’s out there, this platform is a bit basic. But, one of the pros of using Eventleaf is that it helps in optimum customization in terms of badge printing and also facilitates check-ins at the event. The entire registration database can be downloaded and viewed through Excel or other similar platforms.

There are a lot of platforms out there to set-up your event registrations. Each meant for a different kind of event, each providing a different feature. Analyse your event and your budget and select a platform that is the most effective for your event. Make the smart choice!

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