Key Benefits of Selecting Corporate
Event Management Software

Corporate Solution Centralised Management

Centralised Management

The flawless design of the system ensures the clients a centralized management wherein a support manager guides and handle all the queries and events.

Corporate Solution Integrations


A seamless integration of CRM with the client’s database is guaranteed. It allows easy management and tracking of attendee’s status in the database.

Corporate Solution Data Security

Data Security

One of the most crucial aspects covered in the corporate event solution. Data Security is completely ensured and all the data being collected is fully encrypted.

Corporate Solution Compliance With Corporate Policies

Compliance with Corporate Policies

Our firm makes it certain to comply with all the essential and required corporate policies of the client organisation.

Corporate Solution  Multi-level Access to the Dashboard

Multi-level Access to the Dashboard

The dashboard access in the corporate event solution assures effortless assigning of specific tasks and roles to the stakeholders.

Diverse Feature Set for Corporate Event Solutions

Corporate Solution Graphic

Multi-Event App

  • Notifications
  • All events on the single platform
  • Choose your own event features
  • Easy tracking of events

Invite your Attendees (RSVP)

  • Invites sent to attendees via emails
  • Customizable RSVP forms
  • RSVP waitlisting
  • Self-invite available
  • OTP verification for registration

Range of Corporate Event Solutions

  • Corporate Event Management Software
  • Corporate Event Management Apps
  • Corporate Conference Planning Software
  • Corporate Event Registration Software

Incentive Travel App

  • Upload attendee’s travel docs easily
  • Team activities like selfie contest
  • Share audience experience

Effective Attendee Engagement

  • Community building
  • Private messaging up
  • Set up meetings with fellow attendees
  • Provide attendee networking analytics
  • Feedback and real-time surveys


  • Conduct quiz and contests
  • Integrate leaderboard for attendee’s rankings
  • Integrate registration with more viewers
Corporate Solution Aditya Muchhal

Aditya Muchhal

Baithe Baithe Socials Pvt Ltd.

"We wanted an attractive and communicative platform to maximize attendee convenience during our event. Hubilo provided just that in the form of an informative and easy-to-navigate event website. Best part is that the solution id really easy to use and set-up."

Corporate Solution Daniel C Mohan

Daniel C Mohan

Community Manager, NVIDIA

"Our experience with Hubilo has been satisfactory. They have a wide range of features and during GamerConnect, we were thrilled to see how the attendees enjoyed being the top on the leaderboard. It provided an excellent platform and made their entire event management effortless!"