Useful Features for Easy Check-in

Hubilo’s check-in app is a hassle-free event check-in solution to manage attendees onsite. One of the most useful features of the all-in-one event management software , the event check-in app makes event registration and onsite check-in 10x easier and faster:

Check-in app

A handy onsite event check-in solution in sync with your event check-in software to manage the process.

Check-in stages

Create event check-in stages to check-in attendees across multiple check-points at the venue.


Send out push notifications and/or SMS alerts to attendees from your onsite check-in app.

Filter attendee list

Create custom filters and sort the list of attendees that you check-in as required.

The Event Check-in System You Need

Still in a dilemma whether or not to opt for this event app to manage your onsite check-in at your next event? Here are a few additional benefits provided by Hubilo’s easy-to-use event check-in solution:

Event Check-in Apps  App available across devices

App available across devices

Hubilo provides event check-in app for Android as well as iOS mobile devices.

Event Check-in Apps Manage multiple events

Manage multiple events

Easy event listing for individual onsite check-in is available on the app.

Event Check-in Apps Check-in from multiple devices

Check-in from multiple devices

Check-in attendees from multiple devices at your event check-in kiosks.

Event Check-in Apps Comprehensive Data Collection

Comprehensive Data Collection

Sync and manage real-time data of attendees on your event management software dashboard.