Useful Features for Easy Check-in

Hubilo’s check-in app is a hassle-free event check-in solution to manage attendees onsite. One of the most useful features of the all-in-one event management software , the event check-in app makes event registration and onsite check-in 10x easier and faster:

Check-in app

A handy onsite event check-in solution in sync with your event check-in software to manage the process.

Check-in stages

Create event check-in stages to check-in attendees across multiple check-points at the venue.


Send out push notifications and/or SMS alerts to attendees from your onsite check-in app.

Filter attendee list

Create custom filters and sort the list of attendees that you check-in as required.

The Event Check-in System You Need

Still in a dilemma whether or not to opt for this event app to manage your onsite check-in at your next event? Here are a few additional benefits provided by Hubilo’s easy-to-use event check-in solution:

Event Check-in Apps  App available across devices

App available across devices

Hubilo provides event check-in app for Android as well as iOS mobile devices.

Event Check-in Apps Manage multiple events

Manage multiple events

Easy event listing for individual onsite check-in is available on the app.

Event Check-in Apps Check-in from multiple devices

Check-in from multiple devices

Check-in attendees from multiple devices at your event check-in kiosks.

Event Check-in Apps Comprehensive Data Collection

Comprehensive Data Collection

Sync and manage real-time data of attendees on your event management software dashboard.

Event Check-in Apps Kiran Maverick

Kiran Maverick

Founder @ The August Fest

"We produced some large festivals and smaller conferences across several countries and have used various even-tech solutions over the last few years. Hubilo is one of the best we've come across and we were totally blown away by the product features and specially the committed team behind for their on the fly support 24/7."

Event Check-in Apps Ronak Sheth

Ronak Sheth

Chief Client Experience Officer, IIFL

"Our experience with Hubilo’s platform has been great. They have helped put together the technology platform for our curated experiences for clients. The registration and check-in solution provided were seamless and loved by our team."