The Illustration of Significant Hubilo’s Services

Government Solution Account Manager

Account Manager

An account manager will be appointed dedicated to a particular government organisation’s event, handling all their requests and issues.

Government Solution Security


Security of the delegate’s personal data is totally ensured. The data collected will be encrypted and won’t be used unless permitted by the delegates.

Government Solution Completely white labelled

Completely White Labelled

The apps provided by Hubilo will completely be white labelled. The white labelled apps will have HTML customizations.

Government Solution In-office support

In-Office Support

Hubilo ensures to provide in-office support with the requested customizations as well as any doubts about event management solutions for government industry.

Government Solution Private Cloud

Private Cloud

The data of the event will be securely saved on a private cloud that will be accessible by just the event organisers and the team working on government event management and registration solutions.

Daily Reporting

Daily Reporting

Daily briefing by all the teams involved in the event will be done. This will make sure that the deadlines are being met and the event tech development is on track.

Government Solution All-in-one vendor

All-in-One Vendor

Selecting Hubilo’s all-in-one event management solutions for the government industry is beneficial as it covers all the event activities. Handling from registration to the last stage of collecting feedbacks and analyzing the event; Hubilo acts as an all-in-one vendor.

The Layout of Best Features provided to Delegates

Government Solution Graphic

Online Infrastructure

  • Event Websites
  • Event App
  • Multi-event App
  • Bilingual event websites
  • Customizable apps and websites
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Detailed Schedule
  • Event Information

Manage your Delegates

  • Registration forms
  • Event Registration Software for government industry
  • Website embedded forms
  • Onsite Check-in
  • QR code Check-in
  • Effortless management of the queues
  • Multiple Payment options available

Engage your Delegates

  • Networking Community
  • Event Feed
  • Private Chats Feature
  • Meeting Feature
  • Gamification
  • Live Polling and Discussions

Manage Delegates Data

  • Real-time analytics
  • Event Reports

On-site WOW Factor

  • Event Marketing
  • Website Marketing
  • App marketing
  • Email campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customized emails, tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts and stories
  • SMS Integration
Government Solution Rajkumar Beniwal

Rajkumar Beniwal

Managing Director, Industrial Extension Bureau

"From event registrations, check-in to the app, Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2019 was entirely tech-driven this year round which helped us carry out tedious processes smoothly. The B2B networking platform, in particular, was loved by the attendees and contributed significantly towards generating attendee ROI at the event."

Government Solution Param Shah

Param Shah

Head at FICCI - Gujarat State Council

"The amount of time Hubilo saves is immense: Event website, Event app, emailers, social media posts - everything generated in 1 hour."