Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy sets forth our policy with respect to information, including personally identifiable information (“Personal Data”) that is collected from users of HUBILO. Respecting the privacy of our users is of utmost importance to us and thus we have documented our privacy policy to make the user familiar with how we collect information, why we collect it and with whom we share it. We encourage you to read the document carefully. By choosing to use our product the user consents that the terms and contents of such Privacy Policy are acceptable to him / her.

  • 1. Personal Data of the user:

    We use the Personal Data we collect in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy. We may use the Personal Data as follows:

    • At the time of download - While downloading the app, we take user’s consent to store some information regarding them and their device such as the device type, device ID etc.

    • Setting up an Account

      • 1) Sign up- While setting up an account, the user has to fill in some mandatory information about them which includes basic information such as the First Name, Last Name, gender, interests, About Me and some professional information like the Industry, Designation and Organization name.

      • 2) Third Party Accounts- User may also set up an account through sign in using one of the social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter) or integrate it later into their existing account.

        • Facebook Integration- When the user integrates Facebook account with the existing account or sign in through their Facebook account, Hubilo will store the basic information from the Facebook public profile which will include the First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Profile Picture and Work. It will also store user’s friends’ list in order to accurately provide him/her with some features.

        • LinkedIn integration- When user sign in through Linkedin or integrate it later with the existing account, Hubilo stores some information from the Linkedin public profile such as industry, company, skills, education and contact list.

        • Twitter integration- When user integrates twitter account with the existing account, Hubilo stores the email Id, Twitter username and followers of the user.

  • 2. General Information

    Other than the basic information user shares while setting up an account, we may collect and store any information that they provide on the app. It also includes viewing some user’s profile and messaging them. We store messages in order to facilitate our service of sending and receiving messages and also in viewing those conversations when needed.

    We use cookies in order to store the information regarding the user’s experience in the app. It includes the features that a user uses on our app and the kind of interaction they have with those features. This would help us in improving our application.

    • Support Us- When the user uses ‘Support us’ feature to contact us by email, he/she will be required to provide information about themselves such as their name, phone no. and email ID.

    • Share with Friends- When the user invites their friends through email or send them a message, we will have access and store the information regarding the recipients such as their name, email ID, phone no. or their third party account username and ID.

    • Location Data- There is some services on our app that require user’s location details. In case the user uses those features, they will be accepting to let us collect and store their location data.

  • 3. Data of the Organizer

    We collect Personal Data from the organizer when they voluntarily provide such information to the Service, such as when they register to access Hubilo as an Organizer. The Personal Data we may collect includes without limitation the organizer’s name, address, email address and other personally identifiable information

    • Event Information- The name of the event, its description, start and end date with timings of each event, the venue, event logo and banner and venue map. In addition to that the social information regarding the event which includes the event’s Fb page, Twitter account, Official website and registration link will also be stored by us.

    • Attendee Information- The basic information about the attendees who joins the event will be stored and will be available to the organizer through dynamic analytics provided by us as a service to them.

    • Sponsors Information- The basic information provided by the organizer about the sponsors like their logo and description, their Fb link and twitter link and their official website, title and profile picture will also be stored by us.

    • Speakers Information- The information provided during setting up of the speaker profile by the organizer or the speaker himself will be stored by us. His/ Her name, email Id, FB page, Twitter account link, interests, description and profile pic will also be stored by us.

    • Attendee Feedback- The feedback provided by the attendees for an event will also be collected and stored by us in order to provide the organizer with the dynamic analytics regarding their event.

    • Notifications- The notifications sent during the event by an organizer will be stored by Hubilo in order to facilitate the sending of notifications to the recipients.

    • Assigned events- If in case the sub-events of a festival are assigned to different coordinators, the name and email Id of each coordinator will be stored by us.

  • 4. Speaker's Data

    If a speaker sets up a speaker profile on Hubilo, their name, email Id, Fb page, Twitter account link, interests, description and profile picture will be stored by us.

  • How we use the information we collect

    We use the information we collect to constantly improve our product and service provided.
    We use the information collected to perform some services that require user’s location details or their interests or the information in their social network profiles.
    We use the information to send users an email or messages regarding our product or services that may be of some interests to them.
    We may share user’s personal information, and other statistical inferences made during the event to the event organizers.

    With whom we share your information


    When organizer creates an account with Hubilo, their public profile will be available to be viewed by other users who are going to the event. If organizer’s social media profiles are integrated, then other users will be able to send them requests on LinkedIn or Twitter.
    Other than that we use the basic information to provide the organizers with dynamic analytics.
    Other cases- Hubilo reserves the right to disclose information about any user in case of a subpoena or some similar case of investigative order or cooperation from a legal or government agency.
    Choice to provide only some information- Anyone as a user can choose not to provide some information. In that case, however, they will not be able to use some of our features which are heavily dependent on that information.
    How a user can access their information-Every user has a public profile on Hubilo. They can update the profile by going to the Edit Profile page in the side panel. All the notifications and messages a user receives are stored in the notification and message panel in the app.
    Safety- We ensure that proper measures are taken to safeguard our database of customers personal information. With all the latest physical and technical integrations and methodologies, we tend to secure the data which also includes encryption of data over the internet.
    Policy changes- We will revise and update the policy occasionally. We will update the ‘Last Updated’ accordingly. We will send the users a notification to inform them of the changes.