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About BPM

As Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things, Robotics are getting mainstream; the world is marching towards an era of Cognitive Computing – the repercussions of whose security pitfalls can be catastrophic. With such evolution's, technology models are shifting but so should security practices. 

Security, because of its unique challenges, is emerging as a key area for experimentation of cognitive computing capabilities. As rapidly accurate responses will be the need of the hour – cognitive computing based security will be the answer. 

Best Practices Meet (BPM) 2017 will focus on the contemporary evolution of security and the significance of Cognitive Security. Apart from it, BPM will also feature some of the most upcoming technology topics and trends including product security, DevSecOps, GDPR implementation, Block Chain, SOC transition, Software Defined Security, risk framework, and more.

BPM 2017 will harness global thought leaders, pioneering minds, practitioners from the Cyber Security industry, policy advocates, and new age technology innovators to create a unique discussion and showcase platform. BPM 2017 will host plenaries, in-depth workshops, parallel tracks, focus group meetings and round tables, and platform technology showcase and networking. 

BPM 2017 will examine and delve into aspects, dimensions, specifics and larger phenomena emerging in cognitive computing and its relevance to security. The kind of security technologies and principles we follow today is a far cry from those required, if new age technologies become mainstream. It would disrupt the normal course of information sharing and cause commotion in the security world.


Are we ready for the paradigm shift or are we heading towards pandemonium?

Come Join Us, as COGNITIVE SECURITY takes centre-stage through engaging content, and intense but interesting deliberations.

Who Should Attend

Cyber Security Experts
Security & Privacy Analysts
Forensic Experts
Heads of Information Security
Security & Intelligence Assessor
Security Administrators
Data Scientists
Solution Architects
Think tanks
Vulnerability Assessors



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  • All Inclusive of Taxes
    “On cancellation only 50% refund till 10th June, No refund on cancellation from 10th June onward”




Kindly reach the venue on 22nd June, 2017 at 10:00 am


ITC Gardenia - 5 Star Luxury Hotels in Bengaluru, Residency Road, Srinivas Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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