Transform Attendee Data into
Actionable Insights

Uncover deep insights from your event, from an aggregate level to the individual attendee level, and track meaningful metrics for your sales team to use to engage prospects and drive personalized conversations that convert.

Meaningful analytics that drive business value

Track metrics that truly matter. Live data tracking, lead scoring, comprehensive post-event reports, user- friendly reporting, and more ensure easy access and usage of data for all your teams.

Seamless data flows with a well-connected integration ecosystem

Say no to data in silos! With a comprehensive integration ecosystem, we ensure that data flows seamlessly both to and from your Martech stack. Apart from the popular Martech platforms, Hubilo has a wide range of APIs for developers to integrate Hubilo with their desired systems.

Drive higher close rates with attendee-level insights

Use attendee-level data to tailor sales and marketing efforts for higher conversion rates after your event. With integrating event data with CRM and marketing automation technologies, it becomes easier to engage your audience, customize the event experience, and send follow-up emails for lead nurturing.

Use data-driven insights to enhance success

Let's look at how to utilize Hubilo's powerful analytics to further your pipeline and increase your sales funnel.

Step 1: Stay on top of everything with customized dashboards

Track registrations, ticket sales, and revenue pre-event to understand pre-event logistics. Visualize attendee engagement live during the event to ensure everything is running smoothly. Quantify success post-event with detailed event reports.

Step 2: Enhance close rates with targeted lead nurture

Relevant, contextual, and personalized messaging translates into several tangible marketing and sales outcomes. Use custom email campaigns for different attendee groups, send targeted offers with real-time engagement insights, and gauge your audience's interests to send them content that resonates with their needs.

Step 3: Get all your customer data in one place

Connect Hubilo event data with popular CRM and Marketing Automation tools to enrich existing customer data. Opt to automate your workflows and eliminate manual data transfers using our native integrations. You can also access Hubilo Public APIs to connect your Hubilo event with custom or 3rd party applications.

Step 4: Optimize continuously year-round

With multi-event analytics, you can understand event performance throughout the year. Easily spot trends, track revenue growth, and regularly access performance reports to compare your event metrics.

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