February 6, 2022

For an EdTech giant, robust features make Hubilo an A+ event solution

How switching to Hubilo made their expansive virtual conference better than ever
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One of Hubilo’s edtech customers, a leader in teaching, learning, and student engagement that serves a wide range of clients around the world, hosts one of the premier annual conferences in their industry. The conference brings together the global education community to share lessons learned and best practices to drive learner success. 

Like countless others, this company had to take their annual conference virtual in 2020 due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, the virtual event platform they chose didn’t live up to their expectations. So for the 2021 virtual conference, the edtech company sought a new solution.


They vetted many platforms and chose Hubilo. The conference has a reputation as a highly engaging event with global participation, attracting attendees from more than 90 countries. The organizing team knew an immersive, connective experience was essential. With a high-profile event that would bring together more than 5,000 people, our customer needed their conference to execute flawlessly, starting with a reliable, top-quality integrated streaming solution and integrated engagement features throughout.

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Hubilo Customer Support


The Hubilo Broadcast Studio ensured that they could host their 240+ sessions from within the platform, hassle-free. This also meant that they could directly add speakers; manage session chats, Q&As, and polls; and add session transitions and overlays, all from within Hubilo. 

Hubilo’s engagement and networking features were also used to the fullest. From pre-scheduled push notifications to different types of contests to networking options like meeting rooms, one-on-one meetings, and lounges. 

To mimic an on-site conference experience for attendees over the six-day event, the organizers decided to run sessions in parallel tracks. They used Hubilo’s multi-track agenda to make it happen, and the conference featured live and pre-recorded keynote sessions, panel discussions, sponsors’ sessions, award ceremonies, and concerts. There were up to eight parallel tracks running on a single day. 

Sponsors of the event included Fortune 500 companies and leading educational companies. The organizers were able to drive event revenue by offering several sponsorship packages based on Hubilo’s extensive sponsorship capabilities. The overhead banners, individual meeting rooms for demos, and sponsor logos in sessions and on the agenda page, ensured that the organizers were able to provide sponsors with sufficient visibility. The 45+ customized booths at the conference received more than 14,000 visits.

By using Hubilo for this complex, multi-faceted conference, the success our edtech customer hoped for was realized, and then some. In fact, organizers were so happy that they also signed an annual plan to host all their upcoming events with Hubilo.

Hubilo Support Team


The best part about Hubilo is the myriad of features that come included in the platform as it is. We could have cobbled together multiple technologies to form what Hubilo has, but we don't need to! With their native (recently updated) session streaming platform, networking tables, attendee matchmaking, video meeting, and chat room capabilities, we didn't have to look anywhere else. Also, our main challenge was networking at a digital event and Hubilo's rooms and networking lounges really helped solve that problem for us. We were able to keep attendees engaged within the event platform and have all the analytics together.


Event Manager

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