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Remove the guesswork and time-suck from reporting

Prove your webinar’s impact. From win rates to pipeline velocity to attribution, see it all in one place.
Build and scale demand generation programs that boost ROI all year round

The Revenue Impact Dashboard

Webinars generate revenue and pipeline activity, and now you can prove it! Webinar data is seamlessly integrated with the rest of your martech stack, so everyone from marketing ops to your CEO immediately understands your impact. Opportunities sourced, stage velocity, win rates, and more - attributing ROI has never been easier.

In their words

Traditional webinar metrics like number of registrants and show rate are great to track how well you're marketing an event, but none of those metrics matter if we aren't driving pipeline. This tool allows marketers to track what happens after an event so we can understand which events are driving revenue.

Josh Carter,
Director of Demand Gen @ Pavilion

Having data readily available to clearly show the direct ROI contribution from a tool is always a challenge. The Revenue Impact Dashboard solves this by showing specific stats how webinars hosted on Hubilo affect ROI.

Christina Cernauske,
Revenue Operations Manager

Ah! No more digging for the metrics! They're easy to see in real-time!

Stephanie French,
Senior Content Manager

The revenue impact dashboard enables you to make decisions at an unprecedented speed. It makes me (and my teams) more data-driven and ultimately effective.

Alex Henricks,
Senior Marketing Manager


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Understand and compare webinar driven pipeline without the hassle
Detailed Funnel View
at the opportunity level, stage-by-stage, with an in-depth view of converted leads
Compare Webinar Metrics
with data from other channel to evaluate effectiveness
3-step Salesforce Integration
without the complexity 
Unlock marketing driven revenue
impact with webinars

Have a look at what we offer

Compare webinars to other marketing activities

Dive deeper into the channels that work. Compare metrics such as lead-to-opportunity time and percentage, opportunity-to-conversion time and percentage, and more.

Uncover hidden revenue opportunities and identify impact to win rate.

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Visualize insights to fast-track your pipeline

Track your webinar through your entire funnel, from discovery to deal negotiation.

Tailor the view to your team’s specific requirements, no matter the number or names of stages.

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Segment and customize data

Slice and dice data to understand what truly works for your team. Segment by webinar, account, industry, and geography. Integrate your CRM in 3 easy steps and, once configured, sit back and relax without any need for additional edits *Marketing Ops sighs of relief*

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2X your pipeline with more features on Webinar+

Pre, during, post webinar analytics
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Lead scoring
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Seamless integration
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Attendee level data
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Multi-webinar metrics
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Revenue Impact Dashboard
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1. What data and insights can be derived from the Revenue Impact Dashboard?

See overall funnel metrics (from number of registrations to leads generated through the webinar), sourced and influenced pipeline, closed-won and lost deals, a stage-wise breakdown of opportunities (discovery/value/needs analysis/negotiation, etc), and top opportunities. Event-wise breakup gives data across each webinar including leads, pipeline generated, and closed won $ amount per event, plus opportunity to cost ROI across each event. Focus marketing efforts in the right direction with the Hidden Revenue Unlocked metrics. Analyze the velocity and conversion metrics across the sales cycle using the Revenue Impact Dashboard.

2. How does Webinar+ measure audience engagement?

Webinar engagement is measured through audience retention rate, average time spent, number of messages sent, number of questions asked, polls/surveys completed, and Conversion Prompt click-throughs. With Hubilo, you can change weights depending on what’s most important to your team.

3. Why do I need analytics to measure webinar success?

Hubilo’s webinar analytics help you gain deeper insights into your webinar performance and enable you to make informed decisions from your data.

4. Why do I need the Revenue Impact Dashboard?

When it comes to webinars and events, calculating ROI and reporting on attribution can be a real pain. The Revenue Impact Dashboard solves this tedious and manual process. Now, marketing teams can access real-time sales data from their webinars.

5. Can I sync Hubilo webinar data with my CRM and marketing automation tools?

Yes! Native integrations and public APIs connect event data to your system of record, be it a CRM, marketing automation software, or something else! 

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