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Our clients' success stories speak volumes about the impact of Webinar+. Here are just a few examples:
2X Attendance & Pipeline Opportunities Using Hubilo
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Teamwork Brings In-Person Excitement into Virtual World Using Hubilo
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Stop the leaky funnel and boost attendance with personalized communication through targeted campaigns, custom landing pages, seamless registration, and attendance.


Accelerate webinar pipeline, speed up nurture efforts, and improve sales follow-ups by prioritizing the hottest leads and prompting audiences when they’re most engaged.


Get a detailed view of the funnel and pipeline that your webinars generate. Eliminate manual work with your entire sales funnel in one place. Webinar+ provides you with comprehensive insights into the effectiveness of your webinars.


Say goodbye to spending countless hours repurposing webinar content.
Hubilo’s Snackable Content Hub empowers you with AI auto-generated shareable content, creating an entire content library immediately after your webinar.

Why Webinar+?

The “+” Stands for More

Webinar+ is more than just a webinar platform—it’s a comprehensive solution designed to enhance every aspect of your demand generation program. Expand your notion of a webinar to offer a richer experience for hosts, speakers, and attendees.

More Attendance
More Participation
More Conversions
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1. What kind of webinars can I host with Webinar+?

Absolutely any webinar you imagine in your buyer-to-customer journey! From thought leadership to product demos to ABM to customer advocacy—Webinar+ is a blank canvas for you to customize to your exact needs. Webinar+ is perfect for demand generation, field marketing, customer success, and more. Whether you're hosting a live streaming event, a virtual seminar, or an automated webinar, our webinar software platform provides the ideal tools to generate leads, boost brand awareness, and drive customer engagement.

2. How does Webinar+ improve audience engagement?

Webinar+ has industry-leading engagement features to keep audiences hooked. Create meaningful interactions with live video, interactive polls, Q&A sessions, chats, reactions, and conversion prompts to boost engagement. Our webinar hosting platform incorporates tools like whiteboards and cameras for enhanced interactivity, making your webinars more than just a broadcast—they become immersive experiences that captivate your audience from start to finish.

3. Will I need separate tools to build my webinar’s landing page or send emails?

No! Webinar+ comes with all the promotional tools you will need. Create custom registration pages with easy plug-and-play templates on the landing page builder, and use the email marketing engine to run promotional campaigns and drive registrations with branded, personalized emails. Our platform integrates seamlessly with popular email marketing tools like ActiveCampaign and HubSpot, ensuring your communication is streamlined and effective.

4. What kind of analytics can I expect?

From basic webinar data like average watch time, polls, and chats sent to deeper insights like lead scores that highlight your most engaged leads—get it all on Webinar+. Dig into your webinar’s performance with our Revenue Impact Dashboard, which showcases the actual pipeline and revenue generated from your events. This detailed analytics tool provides actionable intel on which webinars performed best, helping you refine your marketing strategy and improve ROI.

5. Do you integrate with my CRM?

Yes! Native integrations and public APIs let you connect event data to your system of record, be it a CRM, marketing automation software, or your other favorite tool. Webinar+ supports seamless integration with top platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo, allowing you to automate workflows, enhance lead nurturing, and optimize your sales funnel. Integration with Zapier further extends the platform’s compatibility, making it easy to sync with a variety of applications.

6. Do I get customer support?

Absolutely! At no extra cost, you’re paired with a designated customer experience manager who is with you throughout your webinar journey—from onboarding to event readiness and event day support. This includes dry runs, speaker prep, and troubleshooting to ensure a smooth experience. Our customer service team is available to provide feedback, answer queries, and assist with any technical issues, ensuring you get the most out of our webinar software platform.

7. Can my webinars be pre-recorded?

Webinars can be both live or pre-recorded. Hubilo Broadcasting Studio makes it easy to stream your webinars in high quality. It also enables your webinar hosts, speakers, and guests to join in from anywhere in the world. If you can't host a live webinar, you can use pre-recorded videos to run it. This flexibility allows you to maintain a consistent schedule and reach a wider audience, enhancing your lead generation efforts and customer engagement.

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