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Jan 2024

Agora’s content hits market 8x faster while increasing audience using Hubilo’s Webinar+

By using Webinar+

Agora got content to market 8x faster while increasing attendance by 50% and watch time by 15%


Watch time


GTM speed




Agora, a trailblazer in Real-Time Engagement, gives developers dynamic APIs for embedding real-time voice, video, interactive streaming, chat, and artificial intelligence into applications. Trusted by global brands such as HP, Talkspace, and Vive, Agora powers an astounding 50 billion minutes of live voice and video every month 🤯

In their recent webinar series, Agora aimed to:

  1. Promote thought leadership
  2. Enhance audience engagement
  3. Increase attendance rate


Manual repurposing of webinar content‍

After a webinar ended, the Agora team would spend a minimum of 2 business days repurposing (rewatching, editing, changing formats, condensing into blogs, etc.) their recording. Not only did this involve multiple hands and minds, but it meant the content was cold by the time it was shared.

Limited audiences for the current webinar series‍

In the relatively new fields of telehealth and AR/VR, Agora aimed to expand its audience both in terms of registrations and actual webinar attendance.


800% productivity gains with Snackable Content Hub

Agora experienced a dramatic 8x reduction in processing time, cutting down the creation of webinar collaterals from 2 days to just 2 hours, with tens of assets produced from video shorts to blogs to social media posts (shout-out to Hubilo’s Snackable Content Hub).‍

High attendance rates and watch times with audience friendly engagement features

‍‍‍‍Hubilo's cutting-edge features are all built to optimize the attendee experience, making it seamless and enjoyable from registration all the way through post-Webinar content. From one-click logins to live engagement options during the webinar to repurposed content, Webinar+ empowered Agora to captivate their audience effectively, resulting in high attendance rates and extended watch times.‍


The complexities of planning, creating, and executing webinars were simplified for Agora with Hubilo’s Webinar+. Through intuitive engagement features, Agora successfully hosted a series of webinars that not only provided a superior viewing experience but also achieved remarkable results. By using Webinar+, Agora got content to market 8x faster while increasing attendance by 50% and watch time by 15%. The implementation of the Snackable Content Hub not only streamlined the post webinar content creation process but also saved valuable time, contributing to a significant boost in overall productivity.

“It’s like magic.”

“The experience has been great. Webinar+ is very easy to use, and has great engagement features. We have high attendance rates, we have high viewing times - we've also had a lot of on demand views. We're really enjoying the content hub”

Claudia Oliva
Director of Growth & Events @ Agora

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