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We built Webinar+ with our advisory board, a group of industry experts leading their respective fields. We wanted to ensure Webinar+ was built for and by you.

Gianna Gaudini
Alex Haseltine
Steph French
Constant Contact
Josh Carter
Raj Sarkar
CMO, Cloudbees

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Content Marketers
Field Marketers
Event Marketers
Marketing Ops Managers
“With Hubilo’s custom lead scoring, you understand intent more deeply and can immediately prioritize accordingly. Get leads to the right place at the right time, whether that’s in the hands of an AE, a BDR, or a nurture cadence.”
Josh Carter,
Demand Gen + Marketing Ops
your pipeline
webinar-generated hot leads
email open rate
Demand Gen Managers 🧡
Amping attendance with drag-and-drop customization and robust email marketing
Highlighting top prospects by webinar, account, industry, and geography
Analyzing your entire journey with deep audience insights
Proving impact with detailed, visually-appealing funnel views
“Traditionally, you’d lose 2-3 weeks to develop content from your webinars. Having content available immediately post the webinars with Snackable Content Hub is a game-changer!”
Steph French,
Webinar Goddess @Constant Contact
40+ AI generated content pieces
within minutes
60+ metrics
to assess webinar effectiveness
<1.8% email
bounce rate
Content Marketers 🧡
Instantly transforming your webinar into bite-sized pieces of content, ready to be shared across any channel 
Customizing content within the platform with a single click. Choose from different tones, lengths, and tailor the auto-generated content to different target audiences 
Detailed webinar reporting. Get insights into what content worked within your webinar to fine tune future content strategy 
“Conversion prompts are a no-brainer really. Typically, CTAs are sent via email after a webinar. By embedding these CTAs directly into the webinar, marketers can impact behavior when viewers are most engaged”
Alex Haseltine,
Field Marketing Manager @Confluent
600% increase
in webinar CTR
average watch time
engagement rate
Field Marketers 🧡
Improving attendance with personalized, branded emails + scheduled reminders
Increasing click-through with fully customizable CTAs built directly into your webinar
Analyzing webinar ROI with sourced and influenced velocity and conversion metrics across the pipeline
“Hubilo is user-friendly, easy-to-customize, has a great user interface and an exceptional support team.”
Gianna Gaudini,
Head of Events @Airtable
9 out of 10
Event marketers find Hubilo easy to use
Webinar registrations
More attendance
Event Marketers 🧡
Boosting webinar attendance with email reminders and calendar blocks
Repurposing webinar content with 40+ immediately generated assets through the Snackable Content Hub
Proving impact with detailed, visually-appealing pipeline reporting
“It’s such a pain keeping track of data and compiling it all in one place. The Revenue Impact Dashboard solves that- the Salesforce integration is a breeze, and you get to see the true attribution of your webinars”
Josh Carter,
Demand Gen + Marketing Ops
Salesforce integration
1-click login
synced with MAP tools for data capture
with all major CRM tools
Marketing Ops Managers 🧡
Pushing and pull data seamlessly through your entire martech stack
Capturing all audience data while highlighting your hottest leads
Eliminating manual reporting
Visualizing and share comprehensive reporting (including detailed pipeline) with teams
“We’ve designed Hubilo to be an asset in every MarTech stack. From visualizing webinar ROI effectively to repurposing content with amazing speed to a dedicated client support team- our aim is for every webinar to give measurable business results”
Raj Sarkar,
CMO, Cloudbees
your pipeline
75% 5-star
audience rating
CMOs 🧡
Saving crucial time from post-production and create integrated campaigns instantly with 40+ assets
Accelerating the sales cycle with granular details on each prospect - delivered to the right person at the right time
Analyzing webinar efficiency compared to your other marketing channels
Solving attribution and prove ROI to your CFO