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Would definitely recommend Hubilo because the amazing support team and wonderful platform

Kimberley B
Marketing Operations Lead

Great expertise with webinar events - Smooth webinar with great support

Sukun S
Digital Marketing Coordinator

Excellent service and a platform at the level of the features that a webinar requires

Denny P
Software QA Analyst

Hubilo covered all our needs and did so in a very clean/straightforward manner.

Drew J
Science Communications Assistant

A comprehensive, user-friendly platform experience

Monika D
Event Coordinator

Nothing has been as comprehensive as Hubilo!

Eric S
Director of Grassroots and Digital Advocacy Enterprise

It is user-friendly and has a fantastic UI. I would say it's nearly reaching perfection.

Sonam T. L
Senior Project Manager

The Hubilo platform was awesome in all aspects. They provide interactivity and the full set of features we needed.

Ivet P
Marketing Manager

Exceptional experience in onboarding & conducting the webinar

Prateek A

It feels incredibly high-tech, while being very user-friendly.

Dee C
Enterprise Event Planner

The platform has lots of built-ins you need, is relatively easy to navigate, especially with the help of their exceptional customer service.

Katherine Denise S
Freelance Editor

The platform itself is sleek, pretty, and has a very professional air

Lis Z
Project Officer Systematisation

We received good feedback from the organizing team, speakers, and attendees.

Lex H
Tech Lead

The platform allowed customization of every aspect of the webinar page, logo and banner images to best suit my needs.

Sandeep G.

It's good that we have complete control of the platform, and it's accessible to us to make changes.

Bryan S
Marketing and Graphics
Rated 4.7 stars on G2
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