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March 2024

Hubilo Slashes Manual Tasks by 75% for IgnitionApp, Boosts Lead Access, and Data Accuracy

By using Webinar+

Agora got content to market 8x faster while increasing attendance by 50% and watch time by 15%


reduction in manual work

speed to lead


data accuracy



Ignition simplifies service sales, billing, and payment collection in a unified platform. Trusted by 7,000+ businesses globally, Ignition has facilitated 3M+ proposals, generating $6.6B+ in revenue for customers and engaging 1.5M+ clients.


Before transitioning to Hubilo, the webinar process posed several challenges. Manual execution demanded over 95 tasks, leading to inefficiencies and errors. The risk of human error was high during data transfer, with 95 manual tasks involved. Additionally, insights into prospect interactions were lacking, impacting sales strategies.


  • Integration: Hubilo's integration with HubSpot eliminated manual data handling, reducing manual tasks by approximately 75%. This integration also automated data transfer, completely eliminating the need for manual download and upload of data, saving time and enhancing data accuracy.

  • Faster Lead Access: Hubilo automates lead generation, enabling immediate capture when attendees click on a Call-to-Action during webinars. This eliminates waiting time, allowing the team to engage with prospects promptly and enhance conversion opportunities.

  • The AI streamlined content creation for the content team by reducing turnaround time for producing blog posts and summaries related to webinars.

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