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Customer Stories

We're really proud of this one
Global crisis made Tessarakt Experiential shift how they offered experiences

As a company in the business of events, Tessarakt Experiential is focused on “cultivating culture that enables curious minds to craft breakthrough solutions,” serving as a bridge between brands and their communities. But what happens when your key method for being a bridge shifts from an in-person model to one that must be remote because of global health concerns?

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This one, too
BNI needed help figuring out how to replace the closeness of shaking hands and giving hugs

BNI is the world’s largest professional networking organization. Their philosophy is built on the idea of “Givers Gain®”: that by giving business to others, you will get business in return. This is predicated on the age-old idea of “What goes around, comes around.

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That's what he said

Hubilo is a wonderful platform
I like Hubilo's capability to allow 5000 participants to interact with each other. The engagement features are very helpful. With Hubilo, I was able to enhance attendees' experience in interacting with speakers.

Dr. Lawrence Fung,
Assistant Professor - Stanford University
Aren’t they sweet?
The Collaborative Exchange – navigating the finance industry through all circumstances

The Collaborative Exchange runs some of the biggest events in finance in South Africa. During the global lockdown period, they needed to ensure that the funds kept flowing. So where did they turn? Hubilo.

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On this one we created a visionary masterpiece
Alcott Global is a story of simply wanting the best tool for your vision

Alcott Global provides Executive Search solutions for the world’s top companies in eCommerce, supply chain, logistics, and tech in transportation.

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That's what she said

Hubilo is aesthetically pleasing and makes gathering attendee information and utilizing recordings easy. Our support person was super-attentive, patient, and friendly. Hubilo allowed us to have our Virtual NEMF Foray involve presenters from several countries.

Hannah H.
Northeast Mycological Federation (NEMF)
Oh wait, this one might be our favorite
Hubilo powers The Vision X Global Art Conference to bring together artists for meaningful connections

Organizing the annual The Vision X Global Art Conference, Sentient Academy’s goal is to deliver inspiration, learning, and community support to creative individuals.

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Here we created an outstanding branding experience
Teamwork's virtual summit, Bandwidth, brings in-person excitement into the virtual world using Hubilo

Teamwork’s focus on creating truly curated experiences for their attendees and translating that into a virtual atmosphere demanded an event tech platform that enables customizations and bradning.

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