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Feb 2024

Schrole exceeds industry standards: 2x attendance and increased customer retention with Hubilo’s Webinar+


Schrole specializes in software and consulting for international schools, focusing on expatriates and bilingual programs. Their solutions are utilized by 500+ schools, with training services catering to the international education market. 

‍Challenged by the evolving educational landscape, Schrole turned to Hubilo to streamline operations, enhance engagement, and improve recruitment through their webinar programs.Schrole measures success through event attendance, engagement rates, and customer retention. With Hubilo's help, Schrole doubles event attendance, increases revenue, and improves customer retention.‍

Event Attendance

The industry typically sees webinar attendance between 20% and 40%. With Hubilo, Schrole consistently achieved attendance rates of 50% and above (since their very first webinar on the platform!).

Engagement & Customer Retention

Schrole leverages Hubilo's webinars to boost revenue through professional development courses and enhance customer retention within the global teaching community. Additionally, Schrole improves internal marketing by streamlining candidate journeys for current candidates and schools, thus enhancing outreach efficiency.

‍Hubilo plays a significant role in Schrole’s customer retention efforts. Through the platform, Schrole ensures attendee success and fosters meaningful connections, prioritizing positive user and school experiences. Educating candidates about event benefits further elevates satisfaction, ultimately leading to increased customer retention.‍

Schrole’s Favorite Features

  • Hubilo’s broadcasting studio
  • Dynamic staggered presentations with multiple streams
  • API's time-saving efficiency
  • Expedited setup and automated registration
  • Participant onboarding

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