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Increase your sales conversion with account and lead insights

Send the right content to the right person at the right time. Always..

Meet our all new

Account Intelligence Dashboard

“100% exactly what I am looking for!”
What people say about us
“100% exactly what I am looking for! I analyzed 6Sense and Zoom info for their marketing based platform and it was so expensive! The million dollar question is who do we tell sales to contact and when? Especially for our enterprise team because timing is everything - we have to hit them at the right time. The fact that you can have specific contacts along with the company is just awesome.”
Tami Strand
Senior Director of Marketing, Azuga
“Interesting and helpful to see all of the data”
What people say about us
Our main target audience is small businesses who often are that "buying group". This is definitely interesting and helpful to see all of the data that is being pulled in. So it's all right there.
Stephanie French
Senior Content Manager @ Constant Contact
“Great seeing number of contacts”
What people say about us
Love the drill down seeing business information there. I see there is a link so would want to see where it is pulled from. Great seeing number of contacts. I love the activity log. Awesome. I would love to send this to the rep who owns this account.
Mark Irafate
Leading Webinars & Partner Marketing @ Intercom

Build a high-conversion pipeline

find new opportunities
with in-depth views of accounts and leads
Capture high-demand
with account intent scores, and lead activities
Measure Content’s impact
with engagement metrics across
Save Time and $
by identifying the right accounts and leads.
Widen your circle of contacts

Simplify managing leads with a single list that allows you to zoom-in and out to the right level of detail.

See your complete accounts-network at one place and discover new networking opportunities.

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Identify your high-potential accounts

Remove the guesswork from your sales tactics and find out ‘who’ are interested in your products and services.

Identify high-potential accounts from a ranked and scored accounts list based on their engagement with your webinars.

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Create personal, one-to-one conversations

Move away from one-size-fits-all sales communications and build personal interactions.

Get individual attendee activity data to identify interest and intent signals. Create tailor-made follow-up strategies for every lead.

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Build webinars that interest your audience

Simplify managing leads with a single list that allows you to zoom in or out to the right level of detail

Identify what content resonates best with your ideal audience profile and build more conversations around it.

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