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April 2024

Medrio sees immediate results after switching from On24 to Hubilo

By using Webinar+

Agora got content to market 8x faster while increasing attendance by 50% and watch time by 15%


workflow integration


efficiency through Hubilo transition


data management

About Medrio:

Medrio offers advanced electronic data capture (EDC) and e-clinical tools designed for complex clinical trials. With over 9.5K studies deployed globally, Medrio boasts a 75% faster mid-study changes process and an impressive 98% customer retention rate.


The company faced integration challenges between HubSpot and their previous webinar platform, On24, which lacked seamless workflow capabilities.

Results Achieved:

  • Streamlined Processes: The integration of Hubilo with HubSpot enabled smoother registration processes and facilitated direct addition of registrants through workflows, simplifying administrative tasks.

  • Improved Communication: Transactional emails were managed efficiently, ensuring timely communication with attendees and enhancing overall attendee experience.

  • Enhanced Marketing: HubSpot's features enabled centralized data management and improved marketing efforts, leading to better engagement and conversion rates.

These results highlight the significant impact Hubilo has had on optimizing webinar experiences for Medrio. Want to dive even deeper? Reach out to our sales team today.‍

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April 2024
Medrio sees immediate results after switching from On24 to Hubilo
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