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June 2024

Searce automates tracking, improves speed to lead, and saves 8 hours per event with Hubilo’s Webinar+

About Searce:

Searce is a technology consulting firm founded in 2004, specializing in cloud computing, AI, and analytics. With 18+ locations, 1,300+ experts, and 1,000+ projects, it delivers innovative solutions to various sectors globally, including tech startups, finance, travel, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and education.

Webinar Goals and Challenges:

The primary objectives are to engage cold and warm prospects through webinars and to create reusable content for various marketing channels. Key challenges include initial engagement with prospects, efficient management and repurposing of webinar content, streamlining registration and attendance tracking, and coordinating responsibilities across different teams and regions.

Success is measured by the type and number of registrants. For enterprise-level discussions, 15 C-suite attendees from mid-market to enterprise companies are considered a success. For broader webinars targeting startups, SMBs, and mid-market companies, an attendance of more than 50 is desired.

Results achieved:


Hubilo has enhanced the company's webinar strategy, optimized content creation and distribution, and reduced manual workload with its automation and integration features. This allows the marketing team to focus on strategic initiatives, driving better engagement and effectively nurturing leads with targeted, high-quality content

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"It is user-friendly, attracts leads, and simplifies speaker onboarding."

"Hubilo makes it exponentially easier to track who is registering and attending webinars, and get them into HubSpot and our sales system automatically. This process used to take days and now it's down to 48 hours, significantly improving our lead management efficiency."

David Moore
Associate Vice President of Marketing, Searce Inc

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Searce automates tracking, improves speed to lead, and saves 8 hours per event with Hubilo’s Webinar+
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