Revenue Impact Dashboard

Data-Driven Success: Harness Webinar ROI Insights to Accelerate Your Pipeline

Say goodbye to manual calculations and operational hassles! Discover Hubilo's Revenue Impact Dashboard, a comprehensive solution that visualizes your webinar and event ROI effortlessly.
July 25, 2023

How much revenue did my webinars generate? How do I track the true performance of my webinars? These are common questions that marketers struggle with while showcasing the performance of their webinars to their CMO, finance leaders, and group leadership. All of this is due to the fact that when it comes to webinars, calculating ROI and reporting on revenue generated can be a real pain. It's a tedious and manual process, and to make matters worse, marketing teams often don't have access to real-time sales data.Β 

This is the problem we set out to solve with the Revenue Impact Dashboard. It visualizes your webinar revenue and pipeline effortlessly without all the hassle of sourcing and entering data.Β 

Introducing the Revenue Impact Dashboard

Say hello to Hubilo’s Revenue Impact Dashboard (and your new reporting best friend)! This new product release syncs webinar metrics with your CRM, seamlessly, and provides you with a detailed view into the funnel and pipeline that your webinars generate and influence. It's like having a treasure trove of actionable insights that allow you to optimize future webinars and campaigns. Let us show you how it works!

Revenue Impact Dashboard

Track how webinars and events accelerated your pipeline

Analyze the velocity and conversion metrics across the sales cycle using the Revenue Impact dashboard. Compare your webinar data with data from your other webinar marketing activities to see how efficient your webinars are in converting leads. We're talking lead-to-opportunity time and percentage, opportunity-to-conversion time and percentage, and so much more! This comprehensive view helps you direct your marketing efforts, propelling you in the right direction.Β 

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Track how webinars and events accelerated your pipeline

Reduce manual effort and prove event ROI

We understand the frustrations marketers face when dealing with the complexity of default CRM reporting. That's why we've streamlined the process with our effortless 3-step integration with Salesforce.

You'll have access to data across your entire pipeline, both sourced and influenced leads, from lead creation stage to closed deals, arming you with the data you need to devise effective strategies- all on one dashboard. And here's the cherry on top: you can dive even deeper and visualize the event pipeline at the opportunity level, stage-by-stage, from the discovery stage to deal negotiation, with an in-depth view of converted leads.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the Revenue Impact Dashboard, and how does it help track webinar revenue?

The Revenue Impact Dashboard is a tool offered by Hubilo that seamlessly syncs webinar metrics with your CRM. It provides a detailed view of how your webinars contribute to your revenue and pipeline. It simplifies the process of calculating ROI and reporting on revenue generated.

2. How can the Revenue Impact Dashboard benefit marketers and their reporting efforts?

The dashboard reduces manual effort and frustration associated with CRM reporting. It offers an easy 3-step integration with Salesforce and provides access to data across the entire pipeline, both from sourced and influenced leads. This data empowers marketers to prove the ROI of their events more efficiently.

3. What key metrics and insights can the Revenue Impact Dashboard provide?

The dashboard allows you to analyze velocity and conversion metrics across the sales cycle. You can compare your webinar data with other marketing activities, including lead-to-opportunity time, opportunity-to-conversion time, and more. This comprehensive view helps optimize marketing efforts.

4. How does the dashboard help in segmenting webinar and event data for optimization?

With the Revenue Impact Dashboard, you can go beyond an overview of revenue. You can segment data by event format, prospect account, industry, geography, and more. It includes an ROI calculator to analyze which content, topics, or speakers are driving demand and revenue generation.

5. Can the dashboard provide a detailed view of the event pipeline at the opportunity level?

Yes, the dashboard allows you to visualize the event pipeline at the opportunity level, stage-by-stage, from discovery to deal negotiation. It offers an in-depth view of converted leads, helping you understand the impact of events on your sales cycle.

6. Is the Revenue Impact Dashboard integrated with any specific CRM software?

Yes, the dashboard seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, streamlining the data synchronization process and making it accessible on one dashboard.

7. How can marketers request a demo to learn more about the Revenue Impact Dashboard and its capabilities?

To see the Revenue Impact Dashboard in action and explore how it can benefit your webinar and event strategies, marketers can request a demo from Hubilo's team.

8. What steps should I take to get started with the Revenue Impact Dashboard?

To get started, you can reach out to Hubilo's team for assistance with the integration and setup process. They will guide you through the steps to harness the power of the dashboard effectively.

Segment webinar and event data to optimize marketing efforts

With our Revenue Impact Dashboard, you're not just limited to an overview of the revenue your webinars bring in. Slice and dice your data in multiple ways to truly understand what works for your brand. Break it down by each event with the in-built ROI calculator to see which content, topic, or speaker hit the mark and helped boost your demand and revenue generation efforts.

Want to get even more specific? Segment your data by event format, prospect account, industry, and geography. It's all about getting the details that truly matter.

Make sense of what webinar metrics mean for your business, and start optimizing your marketing efforts and revenue with Hubilo today! Don't just take our word for itβ€”see our Revenue Impact Dashboard in action.Β 

Request a demo to learn how you can use Hubilo to host inspiring events to engage your audience and generate revenue.


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