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Create Webinars Easier with Setup Workflow

Hubilo's Setup Workflow makes it easy to set up your webinars. Build a landing page, manage registrations, set up emails, decide login options, and use attendee data to 2x your webinar ROI - in a few easy steps.
July 14, 2023

Setting up, promoting, and managing multiple webinars together can become overwhelming as you scale your webinar program. 

The detailed steps to complete the setup and ensure your webinars are in sync with the entire MarTech stack are critical for success. And you may wonder what steps I need to complete next during setup, how to complete them, and worse - did I miss something?

Not anymore.

Introducing Setup Workflow

Setup Workflow lets you quickly view and complete all the essential steps when you create a webinar on Hubilo. From building a landing page, managing registrations, setting up emails, deciding login options for your attendees, and ensuring smooth data flow to and from your webinars - you can set up everything in a few easy steps. 

Setup Workflow enables first-time or new users to easily set up their webinars while using all the powerful tools and features available on Hubilo.

And as you scale your webinars, it enables easy collaboration between various team members in setting up and managing multiple webinars together while ensuring every step is taken care of.

Let's see how you can use this.

How to set up a webinar

How to set up a webinar?

When you create a new webinar on your Hubilo dashboard, you get prompted to complete the initial setup in 5 easy steps to ensure you always know what to do next.

You can also see how to complete a step by reviewing support videos and articles listed for each step to guide you.

Mark a step complete once done and see who updated it last for smoother collaboration with other team members. 

You can move to the following steps to complete the setup or return to any previous steps to make any updates as required. You can also mark a step incomplete if you find anything pending and return to it later.

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Step 1: Set up up your webinar landing page

Setup up your webinar landing page

Start by setting up a landing page for your webinar, which you can use to promote your webinar and drive registrations.

Use the built-in Landing Page Builder on Hubilo to create modern landing pages for your webinar with multiple templates and easy-to-use drag-and-drop options. 

Set up Tracking Pixels to track the behavior of visitors on the Hubilo landing page and use UTM Mapping to track registrations your various campaigns drive individually.

You can also use other landing pages to manage registrations and easily sync the registration data to your webinar on Hubilo.

Step 2: Set up registration form for attendees

Setup registration form for attendees

Next, setup up the registration form, which your landing page visitors will use to sign up for your webinar.

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Enable attendees to quickly register for your webinar with basic information (name and email Id). You can also add more fields, including custom fields to capture specific attendee information as required.

If you have selected the other landing page option in the previous step, you can set up the registration form using your HubSpot or Eloqua accounts.

Step 3: Set up automated emails

Setup automated emails

Next, set up email communication with your audience to stay in touch with them before, during, and after your webinar.

Use the built-in Email Manager on Hubilo to automatically send your audience custom invitations, registration confirmations, reminders, follow-up emails, and more.

You can also set up email communication using your HubSpot, Eloqua, or Mailchimp accounts.

Step 4: Set up login options for your attendees

Setup login options for your attendees

Next, decide how you would like attendees to log in to your webinar. By default, attendees can log in using the magic link invites sent to their email for a frictionless login experience.

You can also let them log in via their LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google accounts. Or allow login via codes. 

For greater security and compliance, you can enable Single Sign-On (SSO) login or use restricted access to allow only people already added.

Step 5: Sync data with your MarTech stack

Sync data with your MarTech stack

Lastly, sync your webinars with your CRM or MAP like HubSpot, Salesforce, Eloqua, MS Dynamics, etc., to automatically have updated customer data, new leads, attendee activity data, and more available to you where you can use it.

Use this to run personalized nurture and follow-up campaigns and maximize your ROI from your webinars.

Use these five steps to set up your webinars easily, and you can return any time to update anything as and when required. You can also check the status of the webinar setup (percentage completion) in the overview section and get a reminder if you have started the setup and are yet to complete it.

Learn how you can 2x your pipeline with high-impact webinars.

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Frequently asked questions about webinar setup workflow

1. What is a webinar setup workflow, and why is it important?

A webinar setup workflow is a systematic process for planning, organizing, and launching webinars. It's essential because it streamlines the entire webinar creation process, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

2. How can a setup workflow simplify the webinar creation process?

A setup workflow provides a step-by-step guide for tasks like choosing a topic, scheduling, creating content, setting up technology, promoting the webinar, and conducting post-webinar follow-ups.

3. Are there any tools or templates available for creating a webinar setup workflow?

Yes, many tools and templates can help you create a structured setup workflow, making the process more efficient and organized.

4. What are some key elements to include in a webinar setup workflow?

Elements to include are defining objectives, selecting a webinar platform, designing content, creating promotional materials, scheduling, and preparing for post-webinar activities.

5. How can a setup workflow help with time management and deadlines?

A setup workflow assigns specific tasks to certain timeframes, ensuring that you meet deadlines and manage your time effectively throughout the webinar creation process.

6. Can you provide an example of a simple webinar setup workflow?

Certainly, during the webinar, we'll showcase a sample workflow that covers key steps from planning to post-webinar evaluation.

7. What are some common challenges that a setup workflow can help address?

Setup workflows can help with challenges like disorganization, missed deadlines, technical issues, and ensuring a consistent and high-quality webinar experience.

8. How can I adapt a setup workflow to fit the unique needs of my audience or niche?

Customize your workflow by considering your audience's preferences, your industry's best practices, and the specific goals of your webinars.

9. Are there any best practices for managing unexpected issues during a webinar setup workflow?

Be flexible and prepared to troubleshoot issues as they arise. Always have contingency plans for technical problems or last-minute changes.

10. How do I evaluate the success of my setup workflow and make improvements for future webinars?

Collect feedback from attendees and team members, review key performance metrics, and use this information to refine your setup workflow for future webinars.

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