How to build a webinar landing page

How to Build an Effective Webinar Landing Page (+Examples!)

Boost registration and engage visitors with an eye-catching webinar landing page. Here are 10 tips and examples of effective webinar landing pages.
March 10, 2023

Webinars are a great way to get important information out to people all over the world. No matter what industry you’re in, each industry can benefit from hosting a webinar. A crucial part of hosting this kind of virtual event is the page attendees come across when it’s time to watch your webinar. Your webinar landing page can have a big impact on whether or not attendees choose to continue watching your event, so it’s important to make it a good one! We’ll cover different tips and examples of webinar landing pages that will make your webinar successful.

What is a webinar landing page?

In short, a webinar landing page is the page that attendees will arrive at to register for your webinar event. A landing page plays a big role in whether attendees convert to registered users, so it’s important to make your page as engaging as possible to achieve the goal of boosting registration. The landing page for a webinar can tell attendees information about the event, like the many benefits participants will receive to encourage them to sign up for the event.

10 tips for designing a webinar landing page

There are many ways to design a webinar landing page that stands out and gets people to register. We’ve collected our top tips so you can create a stellar webinar landing page! 

1. Write a clear and catchy headline that gets visitors to stay

In order to get attendees to register for your webinar, you’ll need a headline that grabs their attention. On average, a visitor will spend 15 seconds on a landing page, according to an article from Time. Make it one that is related to both the webinar topic and catches people’s attention when they visit your page to increase registration conversions. 

2. Write emotionally engaging and compelling body copy that captures attention

When you’re creating copy for your webinar landing page, an objective to keep in mind is to get your audience to take action. To do this, include words that address your audience such as “you,” and “yours” to make it more personal. Highlight all the benefits and valuable takeaways that attendees will receive if they attend your virtual webinar event, with testimonials from past attendees sprinkled in. You can create a sense of urgency for signups by including a registration deadline on the page stating that only a certain number of tickets are available. Giving the impression that people will miss out if they wait to buy tickets will make them inclined to register even more. 

3. Use high-quality images to make visually appealing webinar landing pages

In addition to compelling copy that draws in your audience, another important landing page factor are high-quality images. A page that only has long lines of text with no images can come across as boring and unexciting - giving your webinar the same impression as well. According to MDG Advertising, adding a quality image to any kind of content will help them retain the information 65% more than if there were no images. Your webinar landing page is no different! People will more likely remember your webinar information if you pair it with high-quality images. 

4. Include a click-worthy call to action that converts visitors into leads and paying customers

Another important element to include in your webinar landing page is a call to action (CTA). Usually shown as a a button or link, call to actions are great as they allow you to guide page visitors on what to do next. In the case of your webinar landing page, providing a CTA for users to register for your webinar in a way that stands out will encourage users to follow through. Include a button in eye-catching colors like red, orange, or green with phrases like “Double Your Customer Base Today!” or “Increase Your Revenue!” to entice users to click through. 

Best call to actions for a webinar landing page

5. Pick the right landing page builder that saves you hours

One of the biggest secrets to creating a great webinar landing page is partnering with a hosting platform that can help you build exactly what you’re looking for! Platforms like Hubilo make it easy to create a landing page that converts visitors into registered webinar attendees. Our landing page builder has a number of customizable features, so creating your webinar landing page will be a breeze. 

6. Make it visually appealing 

A visually appealing webinar landing page will drastically increase the chances of landing page visitors converting into registered webinar attendees. With platforms like Hubilo and our landing page builder, work with your event’s branding to customize the page as much as you’d like. You can change the colors and fonts, add banners, and more to make your landing page more inviting and compelling. 

Make webinar landing page visually appealing 

7. Simplify 

When creating your webinar landing page, keep it as simple and to the point as possible. According to a recent study, landing pages have a 160% higher conversion rate than any other type of signup form.The last thing visitors want is to be overwhelmed with information and visuals on your webinar landing page, so only keep the necessary details on your page. The goal of your landing page is to convert attendees, so you want everything to focus on that. 

8. Don’t forget the time and date 

While you don’t have to include all the details about your webinar event on your landing page, the date and time of the event should always be included. This gives guests a clear idea of the essential event details and leaves additional information to be provided once attendees register. 

9. Make it mobile-friendly  

These days, just about everyone uses their mobile devices for a number of things- including attending webinars! Ensure that the platform you host your webinar on is mobile-friendly for anyone who’d rather join via their phone. 

10. A/B test your designs

The best way to see what works for your landing page and what doesn’t is through A/B testing. A/B testing will allow you to determine which design elements produce better results when visitors arrive at your webinar landing page. This kind of testing can help you choose which buttons, colors, and text to use to boost registration numbers. 

10 examples of webinar landing pages that can increase conversions

Below are 10 examples of webinar landing pages that should give you all the inspiration you need to create effective landing pages for your future virtual events.

1. Hubilo

Hubilo’s webinar landing page has all the elements needed to attract as many participants as possible to your future virtual event. The title and the event description are straightforward. Hubilo, an event management platform, uses bullet points to explain to participants all the valuable benefits of registering, and the registration form is quick and easy to complete. 

2. Slack

Slack is an instant messaging program that hosts webinars for users to train them on how to better use the platform and its different tools and features. Slack’s webinar  landing pages’ content is simple and easy to understand which makes the registration process for users easier to navigate. The layout and modern visuals used by Slack keep the audience engaged and focused on the content.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is a CRM platform that gives access to free on-demand webinars for its users. One of the reasons why HubSpot has one of the best landing pages for webinars  is that it uses a clear title that arouses viewers'  interest and provides solutions to their problems. The mobile-friendly platform includes call-to-action buttons to boost engagement and participation, along with detailed content to communicate to users the valuable benefits they would gain from watching the webinars.

4. GetResponse

GetResponse is a marketing software company that builds effective webinar landing pages using a straightforward title and body content to tell users what they can expect from the webinars. Their green “register” button encourages visitors to give their information to access the webinar. GetResponse also provides information about the speakers that host the webinars to boost potential participants' interest.

5. WordStream

To encourage attendees to watch their webinars, the marketing company Wordstream uses strategic keywords in the titles and body copy to explain clearly the topic and the benefits there are to gain from the webinar. The use of bullet points and short paragraphs makes the content easy to read and understand for attendees. The registration section is hard to miss and the orange CTA button is eye-catching for participants.

6. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal’s webinar landing page is simple and effective. Attendees can easily identify the company logo and, by reading the title, can quickly understand the value of the webinars. The use of bulleted points delivers all the information there is to know in a simple manner, and the choice of the color red for the CTA creates a sense of urgency to sign up. 

7. IBM Watson

IBM Watson’s webinar landing pages has all it needs to encourage visitors to register. The landing page does not include any navigation buttons, which is designed to keep users on the page. What makes the webinar landing page effective is the fact that it includes information about the host, important information in the form of bullet points to make it easy to ready, and a contrasting CTA button to catch visitors attention.

8. AirBnb

The company Airbnb, which is well-known among travelers around the world, offers an introductory webinar for new hosts who need help setting up their listing. The “Claim your seat” CTA button is in bright red to make it easy for users to notice. The company understands that what people are looking for when using the service is a human experience so they included a human touch to their webinar page by choosing a host a friendly teacher.

9. Canva

Canva is a free design platform that hosts webinars to help new users understand how to use the different features and tools. Canva uses eye-pleasing colors and high-quality photos to offer a better experience to attendees. There are different webinar sessions that participants can register for, but Canva simplifies the registration process with a dropdown button instead of having multiple registration pages.

10. Semrush

Our last example is the webinar landing page of the marketing platform, Semrush. Pictures of speaker hosts are displayed at the top with their names and a brief biography. Semrush makes it a no-brainer for attendees to register with a simple registration form that is easy to notice  thanks to a very visible green CTA button. Important information about the webinar is written in the form of bullet points which makes the event details clear to visitors.

Win visitors over with a perfect webinar landing page

By now, webinar landing pages should not be a mystery. With all the tips and examples provided in this article, we hope that you are now feeling ready to create the best webinar landing page for your future events.

Get webinar attendees excited with an effective landing page

Using Hubilo Landing Page Builder, you can make unique and customised landing pages for your events. It enables you to fully utilise the capabilities of your event landing page without the need for technical assistance or additional software. As your event develops, you can quickly make changes to the pre-event, during the event, and post-event versions of your event landing page. Check out Hubilo in action or discover more about Landing Page Builder. Get a demo right away!


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