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Guest Speakers Unleashed: Amplifying the Impact of Your Webinars

Discover the benefits and best practices of incorporating guest speakers into your webinars. Amplify engagement, and create a memorable online webinar experience. Learn how to choose the right guest speakers, find them, and leverage their expertise to enhance the credibility and reach of your webinars.
June 16, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of online events, webinars have become a platform for businesses and organizations to connect with their audience. While a well-planned and executed webinar can captivate attendees, there is an effective strategy to elevate the impact and value of these virtual gatherings: the inclusion of guest speakers. 95% of marketers see webinars as important for their marketing efforts. Bringing in industry experts, thought leaders, or influencers as guest speakers can inject a fresh perspective, deliver specialized knowledge, and enhance the overall engagement of your webinar. Statistics have shown that incorporating guest speakers into webinars can significantly improve engagement and provide many benefits. Explore the benefits and best practices of incorporating guest speakers into your webinars in this blog. We will uncover how they can help you create a memorable and impactful online event experience for your audience.

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What is a guest speaker?

A guest speaker is someone invited to speak at a webinar or any other event. They are typically experts or professionals in a specific field or have valuable insights to share on a particular topic. A guest speaker's primary role is to communicate with other speakers and webinar hosts, offering a unique and fresh perspective to the discussion. They deliver a presentation or address the audience, providing valuable information, sharing experiences, or offering views relevant to the event's theme or objectives. Guest speakers often bring credibility, expertise, and a fresh perspective to the event, enriching the overall experience for the attendees.

guest speaker during a webinar

Why are guest speakers important for webinars?

Guest speakers play a crucial role in the success of webinars and events. They contribute to setting the webinar's tone and creating a memorable experience for the audience. A great guest speaker adds authenticity to the webinar and event, demonstrating your commitment to the chosen topic or theme.

Benefits of having a good guest speaker

Having a good guest speaker for your webinar can bring several benefits, including:

  1. Expertise and Insights: A guest speaker brings specialized knowledge and expertise in a particular subject, offering valuable insights and in-depth understanding. It enhances the educational value of the webinar and provides the audience with unique perspectives.
  2. Increased Registrations: A guest speaker can help attract more participants to your webinar by promoting it to their network and customers, expanding the reach and potential audience size. Their name and reputation may serve as a strong draw for potential attendees. An authority guest speaker at your webinar, you can boost attendance by 200% to 300%.
  3. Enhanced Audience Engagement: Guest speakers add excitement and variety to the webinar, making it more engaging for attendees. They captivate and engage the audience through their engaging presentation style, storytelling abilities, and interactive approach, keeping them interested and actively participating throughout the session.
  4. Added Authority: When a respected expert or industry influencer serves as a guest speaker, it adds authority to your webinar. Their presence lends credibility to the content, making the audience perceive it as valuable and trustworthy.
  5. Improved Credibility: Collaborating with a well-known or highly knowledgeable guest speaker can enhance the credibility of the entire webinar. According to Demand Gen Report, 95% of B2B buyers prefer credible content from industry influencers. The speaker's reputation and expertise reflect positively on the host and the overall event, increasing the trust and confidence of the audience. 
  6. Expanded Reach and Networking Opportunities: Guest speakers often have their own following and network. By inviting a guest speaker, you can tap into their audience and expand the reach of your webinar. It can attract new participants, increase brand visibility, and create networking opportunities for speakers and attendees.
  7. Unique Perspectives: Guest speakers bring fresh perspectives and memorable experiences to the webinar. They can offer different viewpoints, insights, and ideas, enriching the content and providing the participants with a more comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience.

What can guest speakers do?

Guest speakers typically do not have administrative access to the webinar platform's dashboard. They do not control when the webinar begins or ends, as this responsibility usually lies with the host. However, guest speakers have specific roles and responsibilities during the webinar. They can enter the webinar room before the scheduled start time, share their camera and screen to deliver their presentation and engage with participants. Guest speakers can actively participate by answering questions posed by participants and engaging in discussions through the chat feature.

Guest speakers participate by answering questions

What makes a great guest speaker?

Approaching selecting a speaker with a positive mindset is crucial, as it is not merely a task to be checked off but an opportunity to enhance your webinar. Choosing a good speaker can bring your entire webinar into clear focus and make it more impactful.

A good guest or keynote speaker should possess the following qualities:

  • Ability to attract attendees to the webinar.
  • Effectively engage the audience, keeping them involved and interested throughout their presentation.
  • Align and support the key themes and messages of the event.
  • Entertain the audience, making the session enjoyable and memorable.
  • Possess knowledge and expertise to educate the audience on relevant topics.
  • Power to inspire the audience and motivate them to drive positive change.
  • New and unique insights, providing fresh perspectives on webinar-related subjects.
  • Offer practical actions and motivational takeaways to the audience.
Guest Speakers ability to attract and engage webinar attendees

Guest speakers should proactively prepare for the webinar, paying attention to their body language, such as sitting or standing, to convey confidence and connection. In a webinar, they understand the importance of maintaining eye contact by looking into the camera.

The guest speaker should participate in a test run with the team before the event to ensure a successful webinar presentation. It allows guest speakers to familiarize themselves with the webinar platform and address technical issues or concerns. Additionally, the test run serves as an opportunity to build rapport with the team and alleviate any pre-presentation nerves.

How to choose the best guest speaker for your webinar

When selecting a guest speaker for your webinar, it is crucial to consider their ability to bring value to the webinar. Look for speakers whose expertise and skills complement those of the other presenters rather than duplicating their niche competence. Diversifying the speakers can give the audience a more comprehensive and engaging webinar experience.

Guest speakers can come from various backgrounds, including team members, community organizers, influencers, or individuals with extensive experience in a specific field. In some cases, even customers can serve as guest speakers to provide authenticity and credibility to your brand, particularly for new prospects.

To guide your selection process, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the potential guest speaker add value to the webinar content and overall event?
  • Do their areas of expertise complement the expertise of the other speakers, creating a well-rounded experience for the audience?
  • Will they bring a fresh perspective or unique insights to the discussion, making the webinar more engaging and informative?

These factors will help you choose a guest speaker who aligns with your webinar's objectives and enhances the overall quality of the event.

How to find the ideal guest speakers for your webinar

Here are some ways to find a guest speaker for your webinar:

  1. Tap into your network: Start by looking within your circle and reach out to people who fit your criteria. Ask for recommendations from your team and connections. If needed, expand your search to second and third connections. Introduce yourself and explain why you want them as guest speakers, highlighting the benefits of co-hosting your webinar.
  2. Utilize social media: Leverage platforms like LinkedIn to find professionals in your industry or target audience. Notify your followers about your search for a speaker and use polls on platforms like Facebook to gauge interest and gather insights on thought leaders your followers admire.
  3. Check out analysts and partners: If you work with a research analyst team or have partners in your industry, contact them for recommendations or find someone from their team to participate in your webinar. Consider topics related to industry statistics or shared interests for engaging in discussions.
  4. Explore conference events: Look into conferences you've attended or plan to attend and identify speakers who draw in crowds and have valuable insights. TED Talks are also an excellent source for finding skilled presenters who can contribute to your webinar.
  5. Search existing content: Look for podcasts, webinars, and slide shares relevant to your topic, and take note of the speakers involved. Contact the authors or presenters to see if they are interested in your webinar program.

By using these strategies, you can find potential guest speakers who align with your webinar's theme and audience, enhancing the quality and value of your event.

ideal guest speakers for your webinar

Use this checklist to evaluate potential guest speakers

Choosing the best guest speaker for your webinar involves carefully considering several factors. Here are the best practices to consider for selecting the ideal guest speaker:

1. Determine your webinar's objectives and key messages. Consider what expertise or perspective best aligns with your webinar's theme and audience.

2. Look for guest speakers with knowledge and experience in the specific topic related to your webinar.

3. Conduct thorough research on potential guest speakers. Review their past speaking engagements, online presence, articles, videos, and testimonials to gauge their speaking style, content quality, and audience engagement.

4. Assess how well the guest speaker's expertise and message will resonate with your target audience. Consider their ability to connect with your demographic and address their pain points or interests.

5. Ask for recommendations from colleagues, industry professionals, or trusted contacts who may have insights or previous experiences with potential guest speakers. 78% of B2B marketers consider testimonials as the most influential content when evaluating a technology purchase.

6. Request sample recordings or presentations from potential guest speakers to assess their delivery style, presentation structure, and ability to engage an online audience. 

7. Have a conversation to discuss your webinar's goals, format, duration, and any specific expectations you have. Clarify logistical details such as availability, technical requirements, and contractual agreements.

8. Consider the speaker's ability to attract and engage the audience, keeping them interested and involved throughout their presentation. A study shows 92% of webinar attendees value interactivity and participation opportunities during webinars.

9. Collaborate with the guest speaker on the content and format of their presentation. Share relevant information, key points, and any specific requirements to ensure their presentation aligns with your webinar's objectives and flows seamlessly with other elements.

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10. Conduct a test run or trial with the guest speaker to ensure they are familiar with the webinar platform, audio-visual setup, and interactive features.

Guest speaker FAQs

What is the difference between a guest speaker and a keynote speaker?

The main difference between a keynote speaker and a guest speaker is their roles and prominence within an event. A keynote speaker typically holds a prominent position and delivers a speech setting the webinar's tone. They are often of higher profile and may attract a larger audience. Keynote speakers speak at the beginning or end of an event to provide an overarching message, context, or summary. They can engage and captivate the audience, leaving a lasting impression.

On the other hand, guest speakers are additional speakers who contribute to the event's program after the keynote speech. They align with the event's theme and offer diverse perspectives. Guest speakers support and enhance the overall theme set by the keynote speaker. They are essential in providing valuable insights, sharing knowledge, and entertaining the audience.

The keynote speaker sets the stage and provides a framework for the event, while guest speakers add depth, expertise, and different viewpoints. Both types of speakers work together to create a well-rounded and engaging event experience for the audience.

What is the role of a guest speaker?

The role of a guest speaker is vital in enhancing and contributing to the success of an event. A skilled guest speaker can energize the audience, captivating them enthusiastically and engaging their attention. They inspire and motivate attendees, leaving a lasting impact and encouraging positive action. Their fresh viewpoint and diverse approach bring a new dimension to the webinar, fostering creativity and expanding horizons. Ultimately, the guest speaker contributes to the webinar experience, creating memorable moments and leaving a positive impression on the audience. By carefully selecting a guest speaker who aligns with the event's goals and desired outcomes, their role becomes instrumental in delivering a meaningful and impactful webinar.

How much does a guest speaker cost?

The cost of a guest speaker varies depending on several factors, such as the speaker's reputation, expertise, demand, duration, and the nature of the event itself. When determining the cost of a guest speaker, evaluating their value to your webinar and their impact on its success is essential. Consider how crucial a particular guest or keynote speaker is for your webinar and assess whether their asking price aligns with your budget and the overall objectives of your event.

How should I approach potential guest speakers for my webinar?

When approaching potential guest speakers for your webinar, it is essential to be clear, professional, and articulate the benefits of participating in your event. Craft a personalized message or email introducing yourself, explaining why you are interested in them as a speaker and how their expertise aligns with your webinar's theme. Ensure to highlight their value to the audience and any potential exposure or networking opportunities, and inquire about their availability and interest in participating.

What should I consider when evaluating potential guest speakers?

When evaluating potential guest speakers for your webinar, consider their expertise and knowledge in the relevant field, ability to engage and inspire an audience, experience as a speaker, and alignment with your event's goals and themes. Research their previous speaking engagements, watch their presentations or talks if available, and read reviews or testimonials from previous events they have participated in. Additionally, consider their availability, professionalism, and willingness to collaborate and contribute to the webinar's success.

Elevate your webinars with guest speakers

In conclusion, incorporating guest speakers into your webinars can significantly impact the success of your events. Their ability to attract and engage attendees, provide fresh perspectives, and enhance the overall webinar experience. You can create a dynamic and memorable webinar by carefully selecting guest speakers who align with your event's goals and themes.

To ensure a seamless webinar experience for organizers and speakers, a reliable webinar platform like Hubilo can make a significant difference. Hubilo offers a range of features and tools designed to streamline the webinar process, from easy speaker management to interactive audience engagement. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, Hubilo empowers you to host engaging and impactful webinars.

Take your webinars to the next level with guest speakers and the powerful capabilities of Hubilo. Request a demo today to see how Hubilo can revolutionize your webinar experiences and unlock new opportunities for growth and success. Elevate your events, captivate your audience, and make your webinars unforgettable with Hubilo.

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