How to get Best Speakers for Your Event?

Himani Sheth
May 11, 2017

The success of an event is dependent on multiple aspects of the event including, planning, logistics, execution, etc. Though, good content majorly contributes towards the success of an event. Good content is ensured through best speakers.

Having a line-up of exceptional speakers that are just the right fit for your event will ensure a great turnout and overall an amazing event experience for the attendees.

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And hence, speakers are known as the backbone of your event. So how do you prepare this line-up of amazing speakers?

Well, here are a few tips and tricks on how to get the best speakers for your event:

1. Get the word out:

best speakers

While looking for good speakers to present at your event, it is necessary to approach every legit source possible. You can get the word out across various social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter and can get great recommendations for potential speakers.

Feedback from the audience will help you narrow down your list of potential speakers. You can also check out various websites that help you connect with potential speakers. Make maximum use of resources at hand to prepare a list of great speakers that could add to your event.

2. Find the best speakers:

best speakers

There always is a possibility of being led away by big names while finding great speakers for an event. But, it is important to remember, all that glitters is not gold. You may have a great celebrity speaker in mind, but they might just not be the right fit for the kind of event that you are organizing.

In this case, all your efforts to get that one good celebrity speaker might just be in vain. Hence, it is crucial to know your event and find the right speakers for the same.

3. Plan ahead:

best speakers

Planning ahead is crucial when it comes to reeling in good speakers. Before approaching a good speaker, it is essential to have everything in place, including the event dates, venue and logistics.

A good venue at a convenient location and impressive amenities can influence the speaker’s decision to collaborate with your event. Hence, it is necessary to make sure that your planning and resources meet the speakers’ requirements.

4. Research:

best speakers

Once you have your list of potential speakers that you would like to approach, you must read up on them. The research will help you a long way in approaching these speakers and convincing them to speak at your event. A simple profile read on Google won’t do.

You must read up on the kinds of events they have presented at in the past, the event fees that they charge, their work, accomplishments, their feedback on these past events, etc. and plan according. Good research is sure to impress any potential speaker.

5. Get in touch:

best speakers

After a thorough research, you must now pursue your speakers. Drop them a well-written email or give them a call. Unless it is a major celebrity that you are planning to approach, setting up a call is the best option.

A call is more personal and at times more beneficial. After the initial communication, set up a meeting with them if possible. Talking to your speakers in person can work up to your advantage.

6. Present your event:

best speakers

Great speakers are always looking forward to share their content with the suitable audience and are trying to get their message across. They are also willing to network and find people they could collaborate with in the future.

You must understand what your speakers are looking for in an event and present your event to the speakers accordingly. The event should sound convincing as well as beneficial to the speakers. Only then will they agree to present at your event. Don’t be afraid to get creative in your presentation.

7. Be confident:

Lastly, always believe in what you are presenting and be confident while taking to these speakers. It is up to you to convince the speaker and negotiate in terms of event benefits, speaker fees, event content, etc.

Trust in your event and have a proposal ready for the speakers. You must clear all their doubts and answer all their questions with confidence. Confidence is key.

Leave no stone unturned in ensuring that you get the best speakers out there for your event. Once you reel in these speakers, be sure to nurture them, cater to their requirements and follow-up with them in terms of the content that they’re presenting.

You can leverage your speakers to maximize attendee registrations and acquiring sponsorship. Remember, speakers are the core of an event. Be sure to have the best.

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