Craft personalized messages about your event with Hubilo Email Marketing Engine

Craft personalized event messages with Hubilo Email Marketing Engine. Create beautiful pre & post-event emails to boost attendance and engagement. Request a demo!
August 25, 2022

Email communication is an essential part of any event marketing strategy. Personalized emails delivered at the right time can increase registration and attendance at your event and elevate your audience's overall event experience.

The challenge is how to give proper attention to personalized event communication at scale when you already have many things to manage at your event. To address this and to enable you to run all your email campaigns from one place behold the Hubilo Email Marketing Engine.

Introducing Email Marketing Engine

Hubilo Email Marketing Engine is a powerful yet easy-to-use email automation tool that lets you personalize all your event-related communication according to your brand and run targeted event marketing campaigns from your Hubilo Dashboard.

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Create custom emails according to your brand

You’ll be able to customize the Automated Emails (predefined messages like invite, registration, and transaction, which get triggered whenever a specific activity takes place). You can also craft Custom Emails (fully customizable messages that you can schedule as you wish) from scratch.

Target specific attendee groups with personalized messages

To help you get the crucial event details to your audience, you can easily add agenda items (Session, Speaker, Booth, etc.), banners, logos, text, and more. Hit send on specific emails and target various attendee groups (like VIP attendees) with relevant and timely communication throughout your event.

Ensure your messages are web and mobile friendly

You can also edit and preview your emails across device types (desktop and mobile) to ensure a great experience for all your recipients.

Let's check out some top ways how Email Marketing Engine can be your magic tool for event messaging:

Drive registrations with pre-event promotions

Inform and entice your audience with personalized invite emails as soon as your event landing page is ready. Highlight top sessions and speakers to capture interest and tease out content. You can also include early bird discount coupons to boost ticket sales at your event.

Send registration emails with invoices

Confirm each attendee’s registration to your event with automated emails. For payment-related updates, you can send a personalized transaction email with an attached invoice after a successful ticket purchase. If an attendee bounces or clicks away from registering before they’ve purchased, you can even send "transaction incomplete" emails to remind them to complete their registration.

Boost event attendance and engagement with nudge emails

You’ll be able to overcome the challenge of no-shows by sending timely reminders to attendees who have registered but have not logged in to your event. Once they’re in, Hubilo Email Marketing Engine alerts attendees if their slot for a session gets confirmed, if someone views their profile, and if someone mentions them in a chat. You can also send reminders when the sessions they registered for are about to begin.

To boost your event’s networking opportunities, automated emails will let your attendees know if they receive a meeting invite or if their meeting invite gets accepted. They’ll even get a message when their meeting is about to start or if it gets canceled. You can also inform attendees whenever they receive a message from other event participants.

Keep the communication going post-event 

Once your event is over, the communication continues with easy-to-create post-event emails. You can send survey forms to collect valuable feedback from your attendees about specific sessions they attended or their overall event experience. Say “thank you” with personalized notes and guide attendees into your custom calls to action or next steps. When you’re ready, you can send customized invites for your next event.

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Learn from detailed reports and insights

Useful insights are ready for your review thanks to key metrics like open rate, click rate, and more. You can also dig deeper to understand the delivery of emails at the attendee level and take prompt action to resend undelivered emails. By assessing which messages performed better than others, you can optimize emails for your future events. 

Want to test drive the Email Marketing Engine or see Hubilo in action? Request a demo now! 

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