Create stunning and engaging landing pages for your events with Hubilo Landing Page Builder

Hubilo landing page builder makes it easy to create customized landing pages and make changes on the fly. Take a glimpse into the journey of making your own event landing page.
August 3, 2022

Your event landing page or website is the gateway to your event. Your page showcases your event to the world and lets you run promotional campaigns. An impressive landing page can persuade visitors to attend your event and is critical in driving event registrations.

However, building an engaging landing page requires customization, increasing your dependency on web developers or 3rd party software. Enlisting these resources can drain your event budget and make it difficult to update your event landing page.

To avoid costs and delays and enable you to create beautiful landing pages that boost registrations at your event, we give you the Hubilo Landing Page Builder.

Introducing Landing Page Builder

Hubilo Landing Page Builder is a powerful website-building tool that enables you to create customized landing pages for your events with intuitive drag and drop options. 

You get multiple templates to choose from, which you can select based on the type of event you are hosting. Easily add a new section and modify the designs to reflect your brand.

You can also edit your landing page for specific device types (desktop, tablet, and mobile). Let's see some highlights of the Landing Page Builder.

Choose the template you like

Select from a beautiful array of landing page templates and easily add event details like Sessions, Speakers, and Sponsors. Add banners, images, forms, CTA buttons, and more based on your specific needs. Preview your landing page anytime and across various devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile) to ensure the best user experience for your attendees.

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Customize for your audience

Reflect your brand or event theme with a customized landing page design. You can add sections and widgets to help your attendees. For example, you can include the location of your in-person or hybrid event using the MAP widget, address all the frequently asked questions by adding a FAQ section, add a Countdown Timer leading up to the event start date, and so much more.

Your landing page is ready

Once you have customized it to your heart’s content and your event landing page is ready, publish it to make it available to your audience. You can modify your landing page whenever needed and republish it to reflect the new updates you have made.

More possibilities for your event landing page

Landing Page Builder lets you explore the full potential for your event landing page without needing to rely on technical experts or additional software. You can create multiple versions of your event landing page (for pre-event, during the event, and post-event) and swiftly change them as your event progresses. 

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You can also increase revenue streams from your event by providing premium sponsors with dedicated sections on your event landing page. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with Hubilo Landing Page Builder. 

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