How to Promote a Webinar on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great source for webinar leads and registrations. Learn how to promote a webinar on LinkedIn with our tips and tricks!
April 26, 2023

As you create a stellar social media strategy for your webinar event, one major platform that you shouldn't leave out is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to promote any event due to its networking capabilities through organic posting and paid advertising. According to HootSuite, LinkedIn ads reach 12% of the world’s population and 62% of the American population. We’ll go over how to  promote a webinar through LinkedIn to gain traction and registrations.

Why is LinkedIn a great place to promote webinars? 

There are many reasons why you should use LinkedIn as a source for promoting your next webinar event. One of them is for lead generation purposes- in a B2B Digital Marketing Report, marketers have rated LinkedIn as the number one platform for lead generation. The site’s audience holds 2x the buying power of the average web audience, so when you post your webinar with an engaging caption and image, the chances of the audience following through are  high. Those are promising statistics for your own webinar! 

How to promote a webinar on LinkedIn

1. Choose the perfect format for your content & audience 

Before you begin planning your webinar, you should first decide what kind of webinar you want it to be. Do you want it to be an educational webinar where you teach something to your audience or something along the lines of a product demo? Decide what value you want to give your audience, how that aligns with your overall business, and what strategy is needed to gain long term successful results. 

2. Build your target audience 

Once you decide what kind of webinar you intend to have, it’s time to decide who you want the webinar to be for - this will be your audience. Using the tools LinkedIn offers for posting, you can choose the demographics and what kind of professionals you’d like to target. 

3. Generate buzz about your webinar 

The best way to get your webinar out into the eyes of your audience is by posting about it. Send out engaging posts talking about all the highlights of your event to get your audience excited. Post information about the guest speakers you’ll have to generate even more excitement towards your webinar event. 

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4. Post about your webinar on LinkedIn

When you’re posting content about your webinar to social media, make sure to create original content for certain platforms, like LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a platform that’s customizable to professionals in any industry, so posting webinar information to all of your like-minded followers will ensure it’s going to get the right kind of attention. It’s best to use a variety of different types of content, such as articles and blogs, videos, infographics or images, and news articles about your industry. Not only should your content be promotional around your webinar, but it should also be helpful to users; LinkedIn prioritizes content that’s useful or entertaining to its users. It’s recommended to post around 2-3 times per week to maintain a consistent schedule that doesn’t overwhelm your followers. 

how to post about your webinar on LinkedIn

5. Use LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups are a great way for professionals to connect with one another over topics that interest them. Groups are the perfect place to share ideas and collect thoughts on certain matters that are specific to the group. They can be a great place to share your webinar. Another option is to join a LinkedIn group of your own and share info about your webinar with a link to the registration page. Just make sure to participate in other areas of the group as well to build your network and get to know other group members! 

6. Ask your team & partners to promote your webinar 

Expand your webinar reach by utilizing one of your most valuable assets - your employees! Encourage employees across all departments to share the webinar information on their LinkedIn pages once you set it live. Have any guest speakers or important guests share it on their pages as well. This can have a bigger impact than you’d think! 

7. Use influencer marketing

Everyone in the digital space is quickly learning the power that influencers have when it comes to promotions. Influencers can help spread the word about your webinar to their large audience, which helps get more eyes on your webinar. They can encourage their audience to register and even provide a discount code for their LinkedIn audience. 

8. Use InMail to promote a webinar on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn InMail is the perfect way to get the information you want people to see right in front of them. Using this feature lets you find the perfect candidates who would likely attend your webinar through careful filtering of your preferred target audience. 

9. Use the LinkedIn events feature 

You can create your webinar as an event through an event feature on LinkedIn. Once you create your event, it can then be shared by you and anyone on your team. Whether in-person or virtual, you can create your webinar as an event which can then be shared throughout the platform. 

10. Use LinkedIn sponsored updates

Instead of your posts being limited to your followers, use sponsored updates to place your post in front of others who are not already connected with you or your brand. Choose posts that performed well organically to ensure your sponsored post performs just as well. Select your target audience based on ideal criteria like location, skills, and more. 

sponsoring your webinar on LinkedIn

11. Run ads on LinkedIn 

Running ads is one of the best ways to see results from the content you post. Ads are a great way to increase lead generation, as well; you can add a lead gen form right in the ads you post where users can easily allow their data to be pulled in. With 62% of B2B marketers stating that LinkedIn doubles their lead generation, running ads on LinkedIn is a great addition to any social media strategy. LinkedIn’s campaign manager is a great resource where you can create, track, and manage all the ads you post. There you can set how long you want the ads to run, turn them inactive or active, and review the list of audience targets. 

There are different types of ads you can run on LinkedIn: video ads, banner ads, and text ads. Strengthen your promotional strategy by trying each one and track which garners better results for your upcoming webinar! 

12. Share related content

Create a sense of familiarity between your audience and your webinar topic by sharing content related to your webinar topic. Start by sharing content around the common topic in the form of blog posts, articles, infographics, or videos to get your audience warmed up to it. In these content pieces, you can include a CTA to your webinar and share it on other platforms. As you start to share content directly about your webinar, your audience will likely be more interested since it won’t be a random topic you’ve never posted about before. 

13. Increase registration rate with LinkedIn lead forms

LinkedIn’s new lead gen forms have made the process of user registration much easier. When users click the CTA included in your webinar ad, it will automatically populate some of their information into the form right from their LinkedIn profile. This will make it easy for users to register and guarantee you get the most accurate information. 

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14. Keep promoting once the webinar is over

Just because the webinar has ended, doesn’t mean you should stop promoting it! Post-event promotion should be considered in your overall strategy since this is where you can show how great your event was. Share the link for people to watch the event as an on-demand webinar and post it to important LinkedIn groups as well as your page. Take snippets from important moments of the webinar, like guest speakers sharing their insights, and share them on your page. You can even run ads with your post-event content to receive more traffic to your website. 

best ways to use LinkedIn to promote a webinar

15. Use images 

Images have the power to make any social media post more impactful compared to posts without images. Include pictures related to your webinar, including any important guest speakers or graphics explaining what the webinar will cover. Make sure to include branding elements in  your pictures, like logos and webinar colors! 

16. Use video to introduce speakers 

Similar to images, videos are a great way to increase engagement with your LinkedIn audience. It’s estimated that 66% of short-term videos are considered to be the most engaging type of social media content. Have your guest speakers film videos of them introducing themselves that you can post as content to your LinkedIn page. In the video, they can talk about their expertise, give more information about the webinar topic, and encourage guests to register. 

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With the right promotional strategy, LinkedIn can be an effective place to advertise your webinar. As you go about promoting your webinar, it’s important to continually track and measure how each type of post and content performs with your audience. Knowing how each post performed will give you a better overall idea of what works and what doesn't. With the right LinkedIn knowledge, your webinar is bound to be a success! 

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