Use Video When Promoting Your Event Online

Five Reasons To Use Video When Promoting Your Event Online

Darya Jandossova Troncoso
February 19, 2021

During the past decade, our lives have become fully immersed in the digital world, changing how we communicate, consume, and share information.Smartphones have made everything much more manageable, with Covid -19 speeding up digitization even further.Everyone is online now: our work, education, information, news, entertainment, shopping, and socialization.While both text-based blog entries and articles are the foundational types of content, visual content reigns supreme and isn’t going anywhere.Data shows that such content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared than an all-text one, so if you aren't using images, illustrations, infographics, GIFs, presentations, and video for your social media channels, you're possibly falling behind.If this statistic doesn't sound persuasive enough, check these out:

  • The brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than text. 3M Corporation, 2001
  • 90% of the information that comes to the brain is visual. Hyerle, 2000
  • Our eyes can register 36,000 visual messages per hour. Jensen, 1996

Depending on your message's bottom line, you can use different types of visual content. Basically whatever works best for you and what you’re trying to get across.Still, video is a universal tool that is easily shared and absorbed by many.Over five years ago, the CEO and Founder of Facebook stated that we are entering ‘the golden age of video’.Time has proved that Mark Zuckerberg was right.Video content is dominating social platforms today, being adopted not only by individuals but also by businesses to attract, engage, and enchant their audience.Video has become an essential part of successful content marketers' promotional strategy, and many consider it the most appealing communication channel for reaching out to people.After all, this content type triggers an intrinsic emotional resonance with our audience.It is not surprising The Cisco Annual Internet Report has already stated that more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022 will be for videos.When it comes to promoting your event online, using video is probably the best way to get across to your audience.To find out how, let’s explore below.

1. Videos = Memories

We know that the human brain processes visuals thousands of times faster than text. In our visual system, the eye receives physical stimuli in the form of light.It then sends those sensory inputs as electrical signals to the brain's visual cortex, which interprets the signals as images.Visual stimuli and a wide range of emotional responses - feelings of happiness, relief, amusement, and excitement interconnect with each other creating strong memories.Unlike a few paragraphs of text, information that comes to us in a video format is effortless to consume while producing a much swifter and more powerful reaction than any other content you may think of.Video allows you to grab your viewers’ attention almost immediately and deliver information in a concise and snappy manner. It lets your audience join in on the action.You can use this to spark your followers’ curiosity, tap into their subconscious, and leave them awestruck.Just remember that your video should convey compelling information with catchy elements linked to your event.This brilliant example shows us how to condense everything down into easily digestible fragments of important content that is long enough to retain viewers’ attention but short enough to leave them wishing for more.[embed][/embed]

2. You Can Tell a Story Your Audience Will Want to Follow

A well-made video tells a story that leaves viewers engaged. They want to follow this story and learn more.If you feel that the video contains something that doesn't contribute directly to your CTA, don’t hesitate to remove it.Otherwise, your audience will have problems with focusing on a unique message.You can break down your event videos in such a format:

  • Before the event - to create awareness and drive registration
  • During the event - to engage the audience
  • After the event - to remind participants of the excitement they had and convincing them to attend another event in the future

Here is another example of how an event video can grab your viewers’ attention.

3. Embrace the Technology and Delight Your Followers

Thanks to comprehensive video-editing apps, stunning video production is accessible to almost everyone now. With reliable gadgets and online media-libraries with all kinds of visuals, you can create amazing videos all on your own.Yes, it's challenging, but the great news is that people today prefer lower quality, "authentic" video over high-quality video that seems untruthful and inauthentic.For creating a video with a beautiful personal touch right on your smartphone, you could go with Write-on Video, for example.If you need to create a video dedicated to a sports event, you can give Sports Motion Opener a shot. This software offers an array of useful templates, so you don’t have to spend too much time on design. You can even add custom illustrations to your videos with the help of illustration software to increase your audiences’ engagement even further.Whether you’re outsourcing your video production or going the in-house route, it’s important to focus on viewer engagement and authenticity. If your video is of amazing quality but lacks soul, it could simply be overlooked, or even worse, forgotten.

4. Increase Your Brand Exposure 

The primary goal of brand videos is to build awareness around your company or organization - helping your brand stand out.Such videos also intrigue and attract your target audience, including your potential patrons and advocates.Videos of this sort are usually created within a more extensive advertising campaign to showcase the company's vision and mission, products, and services.One of the most impressive examples of how a brand can send a powerful message and engage over 200 million people by letting them express what really matters is the #WeighThis campaign organized by Lean Cuisine.[embed][/embed]If you create an event that provides value to people, they're more likely to take part in it.Just make sure that you have an event hashtag featured on display to make it easier for your followers to share information about your event on social media.

5. Personify Your Business

Videos offer an excellent opportunity to let your audience see the real people behind the business.It is another way to increase your brand exposure through behind the scenes moments. People need transparency; they want to hear your voice and look at your face.Individual outreach is a good way to drive in attendees, but it’s even better personally invite people to your event through video. It will allow you to get that kind of attention that makes people take notice of you and remember your company.This video about the online master-class held by a designer and an architect Frank Gehry has got over 11 million views since it was posted. Why? Because it’s personal and human, and that's what matters to your audience.

The Takeaway:

  • People love videos: it’s the type of content that performs the best
  • It helps with your brand’s exposure
  • It keeps your audience engaged
  • Video is easy to share and have it go viral 
  • You’re in charge of your brand’s story  

With these tips and suggestions, promoting your event online using video should be a fairly straightforward matter. Figure out your goals and objectives first, though, so there are no surprises in the end. Good luck!

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