How to choose a webinar topic

How to Choose a Webinar Topic (With Examples!)

Choosing the right webinar topic can lead to big results. Learn more here on how to choose a webinar topic to increase registration numbers & engage customers.
March 29, 2023

Webinars have become increasingly popular in the past few years, and they’re a very successful way to attract new customers and share information. There are thousands of topics that you can base your webinar on, and it’s important to choose the right topic for your company and your audience! This guide will help you choose the right webinar topic and will help you plan a successful and informative webinar.

Why the right webinar topic is important 

Choosing the right webinar topic can be the difference between a successful webinar and a less successful webinar. When you choose the right webinar topic, you can obtain your target audience, plus gain new audience members. If there is new information that needs to be presented or a new product launch, you can host your audience and provide them all with the same information at the same time. You can also ask your audience what they wish to see from your webinars, as the demand for the webinar topic is there from your guests!

How to choose the right webinar topic 

Your webinar goals 

Before you even start webinar planning, you need to determine what are the most important goals of your webinar. What is the overall goal of your webinar? Why are you hosting the webinar? Who are you trying to target during your webinar? By understanding these questions, you are able to clearly define a goal for your webinar that you can work towards achieving.

Your webinar audience 

Your target audience is who your company should market the webinar to. These guests will already be interested in the webinar topic, and want to further their knowledge or skills. You may have a guest list of attendees from past webinars, so be sure to extend an invite to them for any webinars in the future.

Your webinar platform

Your webinar hosting platform should have every feature that you may need for your webinar! These features include the ability to have a host, to be able to the webinar, and provide breakout rooms. When you start your research for the perfect webinar hosting platform, you should be aware of every feature that you may want or need, and eliminate any hosting platform that doesn’t have what you need.

Your existing future content 

If you end up creating an evergreen webinar, that content can be used again for future webinars. Evergreen webinars have content that is always relevant, no matter how much time passes. You can supplement evergreen content with new content, creating a useful webinar that everyone can enjoy. 

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Webinar topic ideas (with examples)

1. Your product 101

If you have a new product within your company, you should host a webinar doing an introduction and a demo of the new product. Your attendees can learn exactly how to use this product and the webinar can become evergreen! If you have new hires at any time, they can view this webinar to learn more about the product.

2. Address industry pain points 

There may be points within your industry that may be causing issues with your attendees. If your company is made aware of these issues, you should combat them immediately and even make a webinar on it! Webinar hosts can share any solutions to these problems and how to work through any issues in the future. 

3. Discuss industry trends 

Trends are constantly changing, so your company should stay on top of them as best as it can. Webinar hosts should familiarize themselves with the ever-changing industry trends, and be able to answer any questions if a guest has one. Your webinar hosts should also put their brand expertise to use as they create a webinar based on industry trends. 

4. Celebrity interviews 

Celebrity interviews can help increase registrations and motivate your attendees! You can have industry influencers, authors or sports personalities attend your webinar and speak to your guests. This can potentially help motivate your guests to be better in all aspects of their life, both personally and professionally.

interviewing celebrities to drive traffic for your webinar

5. Topics from your sales team 

Your sales team deals with all types of prospective leads every day. They are the ones who communicate with potential leads and have knowledge or detailed sales data on what they’re looking for. If you need an idea on a webinar to host, look to your sales team- they might know a topic that’s a hot-button issue for customers and should be addressed.

6. Expert insights

When you choose your webinar topic, you can then search for experts on that topic to speak at your webinar. They will have the best insights to the topic, and it helps to establish trust from your audience. When you market your webinar, use these industry experts and their platform to gain an even larger audience.

7. Live audit or demo 

Live audits are a fun way for digital marketing companies to learn more about your company. They can come in and answer questions to display their expertise, or you can have an automation company help to automate your webinar. These automated webinars can be viewed at any time by your guests!

8. Case studies 

Case studies from the past help to establish trust between your webinar hosts and the guests. According to HubSpot, case studies are the fifth most popular type of content for marketers. Depending on your webinar topic, you may have customers who have interesting case studies that will help with your audience’s success. Webinars based on case studies should be done in an on-demand format, so guests can watch them on their own time.

9. Leadership and management in a post-pandemic world 

No two companies are the same, so you need to navigate through your webinar with leadership and management in a way that works for you. You need to make sure that your audience is prepared for anything that may arise, like a precaution related to a pandemic. Keep your audience aware of any changes that may need to be made, due to new CDC guidelines.

10. How-to webinars 

Webinar audiences can attend these how-to webinars to increase their knowledge or skills on the topic! Whatever the topic may be, your audience can learn new skills and even ask any questions they may have. You can also gain new audience members based on the how-to webinar topic alone!

11. Productivity hacks 

It may be difficult to work from home nowadays, and productivity hacks help your guests work to the best of their ability. According to a previous Gallup poll, an estimated 70% of employees are disengaged during the day. Socializing may also be difficult for people who work remote, so hosting a productivity webinar helps your audience learn the best ways to be productive while working at home.

12. Career advice and improvement

Webinars hosted for new grads and young people can help to set them on the right path with career advice. The webinar hosts can teach the young people how to work through  any hurdles that comes their way and how to succeed in the business world.

13. Mental health and self care 

Mental health is such an important part of the business world nowadays. It’s estimated that 1 in 20 U.S. adults experience serious mental illness each year, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Hosting a webinar to check-in with your audience will show you truly care about everyone’s well being . Express to your audience that there is an open-door policy if anyone needs to talk about anything. There can be additional outlets provided for your audience to reach out to if they need to.

14. Business development strategies 

Your webinar can be focused on managing tasks, generating leads or marketing techniques! Your audience can learn how to manage their companies in the best way possible, to ensure that everyone feels comfortable, accomplished, and successful.

15. Virtual product launch 

Webinar hosts can generate interest in the new product by launching a demonstration. Hosts can display and demo the product, as well as answer any questions the guests may have. Be sure to record this webinar and turn it into an evergreen webinar.

16. Ethics and compliance 

If your company deals with sensitive information, you need to keep your guests updated on the latest laws and compliances. There may be new laws that need to be shared immediately, so keep that in mind when planning your webinar.

17. Skill enhancement 

Your audience members are always looking for ways to enhance their skill set. Be sure to obtain guest speakers that are already proficient in these fields, as they can teach these skills in the best way possible.

Webinar topics to enhance skills

18. Diversity and inclusion 

Express to your audience how much you value them and how grateful you are for them. There are going to be guests from all different walks of life attending your event, so make sure everyone feels included. Be sure to include that there is a zero tolerance policy for any type of bullying or hate.

19. Forward looking webinars 

Thought leaders can bring your webinar up to date with trending topics within the business world! Your webinar can be ahead of the game, in terms of certain topics. If you see the market is heading a certain way, hosting a webinar keeps your guests ahead of the trends.

20. Current affairs 

Your webinar may need to handle a crisis at any given time, and how you handle that crisis makes all the difference. Current affairs happen all the time. From pandemics to natural disasters, your company needs to handle anything that they come across with a clear and sturdy plan.

10 tips to choose the top webinar topics 

1. Streamline the teaching of internal processes 

If you are looking to create a learning webinar, this webinar should be used for any training processes for new employees. This information created during the webinar should never change, and if it does, a whole new webinar will need to be made. 

2. Target your company’s sales needs 

Start keeping track of what the sales leads are! When you obtain what the sales leads are, you can create a product-specific webinar. From here, you can then speak upon the buyer persona and how to work through it.

3. Tackle customer needs 

What do your customers need or want? This is the most pressing issue when dealing with your company; your customers are the one who bring in revenue. You can also highlight the customer experience, and see if anything needs to be added or taken away.

How to choose a webinar topic to tackle customer needs

4. Repurpose existing materials 

If you have an evergreen webinar, that material is always relevant, no matter how much time has passed. You can incorporate this material into any new material you may have! Be sure to include any presentation slides, blogs and Q&As. 

5. Focus on industry trends 

As previously mentioned, trends within the industry are ever-changing! When you focus on these trends, your guests can be kept up to date with new and important changes. Topics may change within each season, so hosting a webinar every quarter could be beneficial.

6. Identify goals and objectives 

What is the goal of the webinar and why are you hosting? When you create a webinar goal, you have something to work towards! You can also use guest feedback and post-event surveys to determine if the goal was achieved. 

7. Define target audience 

Depending on the webinar topic, the target audience might change with each webinar. You should determine the target audience with the help of the customer’s needs, so you know exactly who to invite!

8. Finalize webinar topic 

Once you have created your guest list and event goals, you can then select your webinar topic. You can reach out to your colleagues for ideas or even if they want to be a guest speaker. Look at the data from your past and current guests to determine what the topic should be.

9. Determine webinar layout 

Not every webinar is the same! With your webinar, you may want to consider using breakout rooms, presentations or even recording the webinar. Certain layouts may work better for your webinar, so choose the one that works best for you!

10. High quality webinar 

Your webinar hosting software should be high quality, in order to host the best webinar. The right webinar software will have all of the features you need, including breakout rooms and guest engagement! If you choose a software that doesn’t have the features you need, your webinar may not be as successful as you need it to be.

best webinar software

Choosing your webinar topic

Your webinar topic should be based on a few aspects! Your target audience and your webinar goals should be the main focus points when you are choosing your webinar topic. When you finally decide on a topic, you can even use material from past webinars to enhance the new material you create for your webinar. You can also market your webinar to your target audience, as well as any new and potential customers. This helps to widen your audience and have returning customers for any future webinars. Create a seamless webinar program with Hubilo's all-in-one online webinar hosting platform. Request a demo and choose Hubilo for your next webinar.

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