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Elevate your sales strategy with deminars. This resource walks you through the step-by-step process of hosting deminars that deliver measurable results. Drive conversions, boost sales, and outshine your competition.
July 5, 2023

According to Dooly's 2022 Sales Happiness Index report, sales representatives spend more than 12 hours weekly in meetings, with a significant portion dedicated to conducting product demos. It means they repeat the same pitch for a third of their working hours.

Salespeople can adopt a more practical approach to sales calls to optimize their time and increase conversions. Enter deminars, a combination of webinars and demo calls, which offer a way to engage prospects and drive conversions without repetitive presentations. By implementing deminars, sales professionals can streamline their approach, maximize efficiency, and achieve better outcomes in their sales efforts.

What is a deminar?

A deminar is a combination of a product demonstration and a webinar. It effectively introduces and showcases products or services to potential customers and educates them on using complex tools.

Unlike traditional product demos, deminars have the advantage of attracting larger audiences. However, accommodating the diverse use cases and requirements of every attendee can be challenging. Provide smaller deminars tailored to specific customer groups for companies with complex offerings that cater to various customer segments.

By leveraging the deminar format, businesses can reach a wider audience, provide comprehensive product knowledge, and address the specific needs of different customer segments, ultimately improving their chances of successful conversions and customer satisfaction.


What's the difference between a deminar and a webinar?

Deminars and webinars share similarities but also have distinct differences. While deminars can be considered a subcategory of webinars, including a demo element sets them apart.

A webinar is a method of disseminating information to a large audience, typically exceeding 10 participants. It serves the purpose of educating and informing attendees on a specific topic. On the other hand, a demo is a one-on-one call where a presenter shares their screen to provide a detailed explanation of a product or solution to a potential customer.

A deminar falls between a webinar and a demo. It involves delivering a standardized product demonstration presentation to a larger group of people, typically to move them closer to converting. The primary audience for deminars is individuals who already understand their problem and are considering purchasing a solution.

In contrast, webinars have a broader primary audience consisting of individuals who want to learn about a particular topic, regardless of their intent to purchase. Webinars serve various purposes, such as creating brand awareness, establishing brand expertise, generating leads, and encouraging marketing conversions.

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Various webinar formats include town halls, thought leadership presentations, deminars, training sessions, and onboarding sessions. While both deminars and webinars involve presenting information to a group, deminars focus on product demonstrations for potential buyers. In contrast, webinars cover a broader range of topics and audience intents, aiming to educate, engage, and generate leads.

How does a deminar work?

Deminars combine the interactive aspects of webinars with the in-depth demonstration of a product or service. 69% of consumers consider a product demo the most helpful when purchasing. Depending on the sales strategy, deminars can be live, hybrid, or pre-recorded formats. During a deminar, the presenter showcases the product or service, highlights its features and advantages, and engages with the audience by addressing their questions and concerns in real time. This interactive component distinguishes deminars from traditional product demos.

According to research by Wyzowl, explanatory videos have proven to be highly effective, with 74% of viewers purchasing after watching such videos. Additionally, a remarkable 96% of individuals have watched explanatory videos to gain a better understanding of a specific product or service.

What a deminar means for your business growth

Deminars can substantially impact your business's growth, offering a range of benefits that propel your organization forward. Here's what deminars can mean for your business growth:

Expanded reach

Deminars provides an interactive platform to showcase your products or services to a broader audience. This expanded reach allows you to connect with potential customers who may have been inaccessible through traditional methods. As a result, you increase your chances of driving sales and expanding your customer base.

Enhanced engagement

Unlike traditional methods, deminars foster active participation from attendees. The interactive nature of deminars enables real-time engagement, leading to meaningful interactions and capturing your audience's attention. This engagement can increase brand recognition and improve customer loyalty and business expansion.

Demonstration of value

Deminars offer an opportunity to compellingly showcase your offerings' value and unique features. Live demonstrations allow you to present the advantages, functionalities, and practical applications of your products or services. This immersive experience builds trust and credibility, positioning your business as a reliable solution provider and motivating potential customers to convert.

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Lead generation

You can effectively generate valuable leads by incorporating lead capture mechanisms within deminars. Registration forms, polls, surveys, and interactive Q&A sessions allow you to collect crucial information about your attendees, enabling targeted follow-ups and nurturing relationships with potential customers. This streamlined lead-generation process can significantly contribute to your business growth.

Competitive edge

Embracing innovative tools like deminars gives your business a competitive advantage. You position your brand as forward-thinking and adaptable by staying ahead of the curve and adopting emerging trends. This differentiation can attract customers who value cutting-edge solutions, giving you an edge over competitors and contributing to sustained business growth.

Types of deminar formats

There are three main deminar formats to consider based on your sales strategy:

Live deminars

These deminars are conducted in real-time, where the presenter delivers the content and engages with the audience through features like live Q&A or chat responses. Participants are connected simultaneously, allowing for interactive engagement and the opportunity to answer questions in real time.

Simu-live deminars

A portion of the deminar is pre-recorded in this format, such as the product walkthrough or presentation, while the Q&A session is conducted live. This approach combines the benefits of pre-recorded content with the interactivity of live interaction, allowing for more efficient use of time.Β 

Pre-recorded deminars

With pre-recorded deminars, the session is recorded beforehand and made available as on-demand content. This format allows users to access the deminar conveniently, making it suitable for evergreen content on your website. Users can watch the deminar whenever they need, without time restrictions.

pre-recorded deminars


A creative and engaging approach, whiteboard deminars involve the presenter visually illustrating concepts and ideas in real time. Using a whiteboard or digital equivalent, the speaker can draw out key points, enhancing audience understanding and keeping them actively engaged throughout the session.

By considering these different deminar formats, you can choose the one that aligns best with your sales strategy and audience preferences, whether it's conducting live sessions for real-time engagement, combining pre-recorded content with live Q&A, or offering pre-recorded deminars for on-demand access.

Benefits of deminars

Deminars can drive the buying cycle, from lead generation to deal closure. They prove particularly effective in the final stages of the funnel, as they offer prospects the necessary information and assurance to make a definitive purchase decision. By enabling companies to showcase their products or services and engage in real-time conversations with prospects, deminars can significantly enhance conversion rates.

In addition to boosting sales, deminars can serve as valuable tools for customer onboarding and education. They empower companies to guide users through product features and tools, address common inquiries, and provide training on utilizing intricate offerings. Consequently, this can lead to increased customer retention and improved engagement.

Another substantial advantage lies in recording deminars for later viewing, making them accessible on demand. It creates a perpetual content resource that reaches a broader audience over time, significantly augmenting the return on investment derived from deminar content.

How can you host a successful deminar?

Whether you're looking to generate leads, drive sales, or educate your audience, hosting a virtual deminar provides a unique opportunity to showcase your expertise and connect with potential customers. So, let's dive in and discover the strategies and best practices for hosting a successful virtual deminar that leaves a lasting impression on your audience and contributes to the growth of your business.

1. Choose your webinar software

Choosing the right webinar software is essential for hosting a successful deminar. Consider Hubilo's webinar software, which offers customizable registration pages, engagement features like live polls, screen sharing, and built-in data analytics.

webinar software

2. Create a product demo flow

Ensure that your demonstration follows a logical progression that aligns with how a customer would interact with your product. It may include creating a landing page for registration, sending email reminders, highlighting key features, and discussing data collection and analysis.

3. Schedule the meeting

Utilize tools like Calendly to sync with your calendar and allow customers to choose from available time slots. Using Hubilo, you can create registration pages with various date and time options.

4. Include some focused customer training

In the context of a deminar, it is essential to recognize the crucial step of customer training and onboarding when preparing the presentation flow. As a deminar is to demonstrate how to utilize your product effectively, it becomes imperative to allocate sufficient time for these training elements. It provides the best opportunity to showcase powerful features and address complexities or intricate functionalities, ensuring customers can derive maximum value from your platform.Β 

5. Don't forget the interactive elements to break the ice

Create a lively atmosphere during your deminar to keep your audience engaged and incorporate interactive elements that break the ice and encourage participation. Utilizing features such as polls, Q&As, chat boxes, emoji reactions, in-video CTAs, screen and media sharing, and engaging virtual backgrounds can greatly enhance interactivity. However, it is essential to note that while these features are valuable, they should not replace direct conversation. It is necessary to provide opportunities for customers to communicate directly, ask questions, and request feature demonstrations. Encouraging direct interaction fosters a sense of active participation and ensures that the event caters to the specific needs and inquiries of the audience.

webinar engagement interactive elements

6. Bring the energy and focus

The success of a sale relies not only on the product's attributes but also on the sales representative's ability to engage customers at every interaction. As the company's representative, a salesperson must consistently strive for informative and captivating sessions. While product features play a role, the salesperson's skill in making the session engaging and entertaining is crucial in establishing a connection with potential customers and increasing the chances of a successful sale.

7. Encourage questions from both ends

Incorporate opportunities for attendees to ask questions throughout the presentation or include dedicated Q&A sessions at different intervals. Additionally, engaging the audience through live polls can provide valuable insights into their backgrounds and preferences, enabling the presenter to customize the content and meet their expectations more effectively. Implementing these practices makes the webinar more interactive, responsive, and tailored to the attendees' needs.

8. Ask for feedback

When conducting a deminar, seeking feedback in two distinct stages is essential.Β 

  • Firstly, at the beginning of the call, gathering feedback on the audience's expectations and the specific features they want to witness in action is valuable. This initial feedback helps tailor the session to effectively meet the audience's needs.Β 
  • Secondly, after each deminar, it is crucial to request feedback again to acquire insights on areas that can be improved for future sessions. Platforms like Hubilo offer interactive polling options, enabling the collection of valuable feedback to enhance future presentations.Β 
webinar feedback

9. Keep to time

Keep deminars concise and avoid excessive duration, as lengthy sessions can deter sign-ups and retention until the end. Planning a deminar that lasts approximately 30 minutes is recommended to balance delivering relevant information and respecting participants' time commitments. Starting and ending the deminar punctually demonstrates consideration for everyone's schedules, thereby increasing the likelihood that attendees will have the opportunity to receive all the pertinent information.

10. Share follow-up resources

After a deminar, it is highly effective to maintain the conversation with prospects by sending them a follow-up email that includes several key elements. These elements may include a feedback link, call recording, and product information. It is crucial to offer a direct point of contact to facilitate further communication and establish a personal connection. Offering a dummy account for prospects to explore and test the platform in detail can be beneficial in showcasing its features. Additionally, this is an opportune time to remind prospects about any specific call-to-action (CTA) mentioned during the deminar, such as booking a video sales meeting with the team.

Can deminars be used for virtual sales?

By leveraging deminars strategically, you can leverage their power in virtual sales to attract leads, educate potential customers, and support the closing process, ultimately boosting your sales success.

Deminars can indeed be used for virtual sales and serve as a valuable asset in the sales process, targeting different stages of the sales funnel:

Deminars as a lead magnet

Deminars act as a lead-generation tool in this scenario. Potential customers who are researching products similar to yours may come across your deminar through online advertising or other promotional channels. The deminar is an entry point into your sales funnel, capturing their interest and providing valuable information. While the deminar may not be the sole reason for closing the deal, it plays a crucial role in attracting potential customers and initiating sales.

Deminars as bottom-of-the-funnel

At this stage, prospects have already engaged with your brand and have progressed through the sales process designed by your sales team. These prospects are primed and ready to convert. Using deminars as the final step in the sales funnel can be highly effective. It allows you to provide a comprehensive product demonstration, address any remaining questions or concerns, and solidify their purchase decision. Deminars at the bottom of the funnel help to build trust, showcase the value of your offering, and facilitate the final conversion.

Why are deminars used in customer onboarding?

Deminars are used in onboarding to ensure new customers have a smooth and successful start with a product or platform. Similar to how new hires undergo onboarding to equip them with the necessary knowledge and tools for their role, customer onboarding aims to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of how to use the platform effectively. By doing so, it promotes higher customer retention and engagement.

Deminars serve as an effective method for customer onboarding because they enable you to guide users through your platform's various features and tools. They provide a visual and interactive presentation that allows users to see firsthand how to navigate the platform, perform critical actions, and accomplish their desired goals. Additionally, deminars offer the opportunity to address new customers' common questions and concerns, ensuring they receive the necessary guidance and support during onboarding. By incorporating deminars into customer onboarding, businesses can enhance user adoption, improve customer satisfaction, and foster long-term relationships.

Tips for a compelling deminar

To create a compelling deminar, consider the following tips:

  1. Utilize various media: Enhance engagement by incorporating video clips, on-camera demonstrations, and slides in your deminar.
  2. Foster interactivity: Encourage audience participation by allowing them to ask questions and provide feedback during the session. This interaction adds value and keeps attendees engaged.
  3. Select knowledgeable presenters: Ensure your presenter is well-informed and capable of addressing inquiries during the deminar. Their expertise instills confidence and enhances the credibility of the presentation.
  4. Respect your audience's time: Keep your deminar concise and focused. Avoid unnecessary tangents and prioritize delivering key information efficiently. Respecting your audience's time will help maintain their attention and interest.

Following the AIDA model (Attraction, Interest, Desire, and Action), you can create a deminar that provides valuable information and motivates your audience to take the desired action.

How can you choose the right webinar platform for your deminar?

Selecting the right video engagement or webinar platform for your deminar requires careful consideration. Here are some key steps to help you make the right choice:

Prioritize essential features

Identify the critical features for hosting your deminar successfully. These may include creating user-friendly registration pages, automated email reminders, browser-based accessibility, seamless screen sharing, in-app interactive features like polls and Q&A, in-video call-to-action buttons, automatic recording of sessions, lead qualification through attendee data analysis, and integration with CRM systems for lead nurturing and contact management.

Conduct market research

Explore different webinar engagement platforms and assess their suitability for your specific requirements. Consider customer preferences, existing communication tools, and willingness to adapt to a new platform. Look for user reviews and feedback to gain insights into the platform's strengths, weaknesses, and preferred features.

Trial and evaluation

Take advantage of free trials or demos offered by potential platforms. Test the platforms yourself and involve your sales team for their input and feedback. During the trial period, engage with the platform's sales department to address any questions or concerns regarding specific functionalities or features.

Following these steps, you can gather firsthand experience and insights into how a video engagement platform performs, ensuring you choose the one best suited for running your deminars effectively.

Frequently asked questions about deminars

How long should a deminar typically last?

The duration of a deminar can vary depending on the content and audience, but it is generally recommended to keep it around 30 minutes to ensure optimal engagement and retention.

What are some key elements to include in a deminar?

A deminar should include a product demonstration, educational content, customer training, onboarding, interactive features like polls and Q&As, and a clear call-to-action for the audience.

How to keep the audience engaged during a deminar?

To keep the audience engaged, incorporate interactive features such as polls, Q&As, chat boxes, emoji reactions, in-video CTAs, screen and media sharing, and engaging virtual backgrounds. Encourage direct conversation, allowing the audience to ask questions and request feature demonstrations.

What to include in a follow-up email after a deminar?

A follow-up email after a deminar should typically include a feedback link, the call recording, additional information about the product, a direct point of contact, and reminders about any specific call-to-action mentioned during the deminar. It can also include the provision of a dummy account for customers to explore the platform in detail.

How to promote my deminar and attract attendees?

To promote your deminar, you can utilize various marketing channels such as email marketing, social media platforms, your website, blog posts, online communities, and targeted advertising. Communicate the benefits and value of attending the deminar, and provide a simple registration process.

How to measure the success of a deminar?

You can measure the success of a deminar by tracking metrics such as registration numbers, attendance rates, engagement levels during the event (e.g., participation in polls or Q&As), feedback from attendees, post-event conversions or sales, and the overall impact on your business goals, such as lead generation or brand awareness.

Meet the deminar: live product demonstration webinars

Deminars have emerged as a powerful tool for businesses seeking to effectively engage their audience, highlight their products or services, and drive sales. By combining the best features of product demonstrations and webinars, deminars offer a real-time platform for businesses to interact with their audience, address their inquiries, and guide them toward making informed purchase decisions. Utilizing the right webinar platform, such as Hubilo, and careful planning, businesses can harness the potential of deminars to stimulate business growth.

Explore how the Hubilo platform can elevate your deminars to new heights. Experience the intuitive interface, robust engagement tools, and customizable features that will help you create impactful deminars. From registration and attendee management to live streaming and audience engagement, Hubilo offers a range of solutions to make your deminars successful and memorable. Use the opportunity to captivate your audience, generate leads, and drive business growth with Hubilo's deminar capabilities. Request a demo now and discover how Hubilo can transform webinars into engaging and impactful experiences.


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