Where There’s Engagement, There’s ROI

Engage and capture your audience to increase pipeline conversion. Enable the
industry’s most comprehensive engagement suite to provide memorable hyper-interactive immersive experiences.

Improve audience retention

Hook your audience - whether virtual or in-person. Hubilo offers new ways to interact with the audience, including Watch Parties, Group Portraits, Interactive polls/chats, and more. Your audience stays engaged and immersed in your content and are more likely to convert.

Promote intent-driven participation

Gamify your event experience and drive audiences to relevant event content and action. Add a fun touch to your event with easy-to-create games, like selfie contests and quizzes that increase participation.

Connect your audiences, in-person or virtual

Increase conversations and meaningful dialogue at your event with 1-1 meetings, group discussions, and more with Hubilo. At hybrid events, enable the virtual and live audiences to communicate on one platform using a branded mobile app.

Hook your audience with Hubilo

Immerse your audience at webinars and events with the industry’s largest engagement suite. We’ll show you how!

Step 1: Enable a social watching experience with watch parties

That's right, you can have watch parties! Attendees can interact on video while watching virtual sessions with other attendees at their table, as they would at a live event, increasing overall engagement.

Step 2: Make interaction easier with interactive polls, chats & Q&A

If you want your audiences to stay engaged, make it simple for them to interact. Polls, Chats and Q&As displayed right on the session screen drive more visibility and encourage faster responses from participants.

Step 3: Capture memories with Group Portraits

Create a memorable event moment by capturing an event moment with a Group Portrait. With Hubilo, panelists or speakers can initiate a group portrait between them and the audience, creating a lasting memento.

Step 4: Use gamification to amp up engagement

Incentivize engagement! Assign points based on activities, such as participation in polls, likes, and comments posted. Showcase these leaderboard scores in real time, foster healthy competition between participants, and keep them engaged throughout the event.

Step 5: Keep things fun with contests and quizzes

Experiment with different contest formats, such as quizzes, selfie contests, and caption contests. You can even embed third-party apps, like Kahoot. Add fun engagement activities between sessions to keep your audiences hooked by providing excitement to your event!

Step 6: Boost engagement across your event with our mobile app

Unlock true engagement in your hybrid events by connecting your onsite and virtual audiences. Even for in-person audiences, a mobile app makes a great addition and an easy avenue for audiences to engage easily.

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