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How Webinar Lead Generation Can Bolster Your Sales Funnel

Discover 10 effective strategies for webinar lead generation that can help your business capture high-value leads and drive growth. Unleash the potential of webinars and harness valuable post-event analytics to fuel your lead generation efforts.
June 9, 2023

Over time, strategies that businesses employ for lead generation have evolved in response to a variety of changing factors. Technology, customer interests, and the rise of personalization are just a few of the pressures that have influenced how customers interact with businesses and how companies find quality leads for their sales funnels.

Among these popular lead generation strategies lies webinars. These events have great potential to drive leads. In fact, 89% of marketers say that webinars perform better than other channels when it comes to producing qualified leads. You can see this evidenced by webinar lead generation statistics, which show that the average webinar can produce between 500 and 1,000 leads

The key to tapping into this potential lies in understanding how to implement a few proven strategies that can help organizations bring in leads and meet their sales goals through webinars. These steps help you better plan and organize your webinars so that they can capture high-value leads. Let’s explore what you need to know to make this work for your business. 

What is webinar lead generation?

Webinar lead generation is the process that businesses employ to use their webinar events to gather interested leads, quality them, and nurture them to drive business growth. A qualified lead in particular is a lead that has been evaluated by your sales and marketing team and determined to fit the target customer profile, making an excellent potential sales opportunity.

In addition to webinars, businesses have a variety of different lead generation tools at their fingertips. Many companies will also employ techniques such as:

  • Blog posts
  • Live events
  • Coupon codes for e-commerce
  • Email marketing

Each of these strategies present value to the target audience, working to show them how this business addresses their pain point. Businesses want to build effective marketing strategies that will let them bring these different techniques together. We will explore what you need to know about specifically creating an effective webinar lead generation strategy.

How to Generate Leads from Webinars

What are the benefits of having a webinar lead generation strategy?

When you decide to host a webinar, you want to take the time to develop a concrete webinar lead generation strategy. Breaking down your strategy for using webinars to generate leads will help you clearly focus your efforts so you avoid wasting resources. When you create a quality strategy:

  • You find it easier to target the right audience. Your goal will tell you what portions of your brand’s audience you want to reach and what they experience, so you can bring them to your event.
  • You will increase your brand visibility and brand awareness. With efforts focused on a given strategy and goal, you will establish your brand as an authority who can help your targeted audience. As you focus on the value you offer, you will build your overall visibility.
  • You will gather more insight and meaning from your data. When you have a concrete strategy, it becomes easier to track relevant data and know how well you met your goals and the ROI generated.

Now that you see the value of this webinar planning step, let’s go through the ten proven strategies you can put to use to drive your success.

10 tips for webinar lead generation

Tip 1: Identify the right audience

Use research tools to gain a better understanding of your target buyer persona. Know what they prioritize and what they want to see before they make a purchase. Consider factors from their budget to their demographics. Altogether, this creates a template you can use as you build your marketing strategy and develop your presentation.

Tip 2: Leverage your current audience

Next, connect with users who already know about you and the products and services you offer. You can hold contests to encourage people to post on social media about your upcoming event, look for affiliate opportunities, and promote your webinar through email to your existing lists. As you speak with your current audience, use the insight you already have about their interests and priorities to create a tailored message.

Tip 3: Create an appealing landing page

Build your landing page for your ideal audience, making the value of the event clear for those who land on it. SEO can help you drive attention to your landing page to encourage visitors as well. Features such as testimonials from past attendees and clear explanations of how this event will address pain points should be prominent.

webinar landing page

Tip 4: Have a clear value proposition

Make it easy for customers to know why your organization is worth trusting and learning from. Similarly, promote your guest speakers and what they have to offer. Let people know about their past work and their accomplishments. You can make this information clear through bios for your guest speakers and testimonials from past event attendees. 

Tip 5: Offer an on-demand approach

Give people the option of attending your event on their own schedule. If they can watch a recorded version of the webinar, this widens your audience because they are no longer restricted by your timetable. It also keeps your webinar working for you after it wraps up - you can keep bringing in new audience members over a longer period of time. 

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Tip 6: Work with sponsors

Sponsors can help build your event in a variety of ways. To begin, they come with their own audience members that you can promote to and bring into your own sales funnel. They also help build visibility for the event and can help entice more people to attend. Look for sponsors and partners that fit well with what you want to offer customers.

webinar sponsorship collaboration

Tip 7: Promote the webinar whenever possible

Use all the available resources you have to promote your webinar. For example, don’t overlook opportunities with email campaigns, social media, and paid promotions to drive traffic to your webinar landing page. Make sure that anyone who might experience value from the event has plenty of warning and opportunity. Not only does this build interest, but it also encourages conversation about your webinars, which can spread word about the upcoming event.

Promote the webinar

Tip 8: Create a sales funnel for after the webinar

Even after your event wraps up, you want to have a sales funnel in place that will help you capitalize on the potential leads available. Use a thank you page or an email after people complete the registration with a clear CTA designed to help you get to know your audience better. For example, you might ask them to fill out a short survey or quiz about their priorities. 

You can use this information to offer additional resources. You might also encourage people to follow you on social media so that you can build your audience there. Your social media profiles can provide your followers with up-to-date announcements on the upcoming event, which will interest more potential followers and attendees.

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Tip 9: End with a follow-up or a clear CTA

At the end of the webinar, let your attendees know how they can continue to work with you. You might provide them with a way to set up a meeting or how to ask you additional questions. You might also offer them invitations such as how to secure a particular resource or register for an additional webinar. To encourage this connection, you might offer a contact email address or information for your social media profiles. Keep your audience engaged with this CTA.

End with a follow-up or a clear webinar CTA

Tip 10: Use the recording as an on-going lead generator

Once the event is finished, the recording you generated can be used in a variety of different ways to build more leads. You might offer it as a resource in other lead generation campaigns or as an offer on the website. Clips from the video can be used on social media and YouTube to offer insight to your audience. The topic discussed in the webinar can also be used for blog posts. Get creative with how you can use the information. 

Use post-event analytics for webinar lead generation

Make sure that once your webinar has finished, you use your post-webinar analytics to continue to bolster lead generation. You will have a few different sources of data.

Direct feedback from your attendees

Collect feedback from those who attend to learn what they appreciated, what they thought could be improved, and what they still wanted to know about the topic. Use these conversations as a way to get to know your attendees and to lay the foundation for a good relationship.

webinar feedback

Use post-event surveys

These post-event surveys can help you collect data on the success of your webinar. See what people thought about the quality of your information and the overall webinar experience.

Attendee registration formations

Look at your forms to see what people focused on as they signed up for your webinar.  This can give you insight into how to reach out to them in the future to entice them to engage with relevant content or attend future webinars.

Look at your interactions during the actual webinar

See the types of questions people asked during the webinar and how people engaged with the speakers. Use this information to help you continue the conversation and interest them.

Drive webinar lead generation with Hubilo

Leveraging webinar lead-generation strategies can significantly enhance your sales funnel and drive business growth. Webinars provide a powerful platform to engage with your target audience, showcase your expertise, and generate high-quality leads. By offering valuable content and interactive experiences, webinars can attract and capture the attention of potential customers, nurturing them through the sales journey.

Regarding executing successful webinars and maximizing lead generation, Hubilo is a one-stop solution. Hubilo is a comprehensive webinar platform enabling you to host engaging and interactive webinars easily. It's user-friendly interface and robust features allow you to create immersive webinar experiences, including live presentations, Q&A sessions, polls, and networking opportunities.

Request a demo today to see how Hubilo can revolutionize your lead generation efforts and supercharge your sales funnel. Discover how this powerful platform can help you drive engagement, capture leads, and ultimately boost your business's bottom line. Don't miss the opportunity to take your webinar lead generation to new heights with Hubilo.

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