personalize marketing nurture using insights from your event

5 Ways to Personalize Marketing Nurture Using Insights from Your Event

Personalization is the key to improving attendee experience and targeted lead nurture. Your event data holds valuable behavioral insights into your prospects and customers. With the right event tech, you can scale your personalization and automation efforts. You can deliver a differentiated brand experience. Learn how you can use event data on Hubilo to execute a highly targeted and impactful lead nurture campaign.
March 3, 2023

Personalization is the key to improving lead nurturing and accelerating the pipeline.

Relevant, contextual, and personalized messaging translates into several tangible marketing and sales outcomes. You can achieve higher open, response, and conversion rates. Targeted nurturing even lowers the customer acquisition cost and improves brand loyalty and revenue.

As per McKinsey, over 70% of customers expect companies to deliver customized experiences today. 78% of consumers are likely to repurchase from brands that personalize their communication. Moreover, companies that use customized marketing tactics achieve 40% more of their revenue than their slower-growing counterparts. 

Your event data holds valuable behavioral insights into your prospects and customers. With the right event tech, you can know your customers better. When combined with the right marketing integration, real-time data insights can deliver impactful, tailor-made messages that get results. 

Here are the top 5 strategies to use event platforms to execute a personalized lead nurture campaign.

How to leverage event platforms for personalized lead nurture

1. Use attendee data for segmentation 

Your event landing page can collect the demographics, interests, and preferences of your audience by using a custom form. This information aids in marketing segmentation and provides your sales staff with crucial information on the attendees of your event. By customizing your email campaigns to match the needs of different attendee groups, you can improve overall conversions and drive the conversation further. 

Pro-tip: To further strengthen your lead nurture, study your conversion funnel. What Ad copy and channel brought visitors to your website? Look at the number of people who opened the invite emails. Drill down and identify how many of them actually registered. Identify factors that lead to specific behaviors. Was there an increase in CTRs with certain subject lines or more sign-ups for particular sessions? This data will allow you to target your leads with messages and content they are most likely to respond. 

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2. Send targeted offers with real-time engagement insights 

Event platforms offer detailed attendee-level insights for personalized lead nurture. As your attendees engage in sessions with reactions, comments, and likes, you gain crucial information regarding their intent and interests. You get real-time data on participating attendees with live polls, chats, and Q&As. Insights from these interactions will help you develop relevant content or offer to target your leads and specific accounts. This enables the sales teams to utilize each lead's areas of interest and customize the sales pitch. The engagement also generates more behavioral data for automated ABM campaigns.  

Pro-tip: Metrics such as session watch time and engagement scores help identify the most popular sessions, topics, and speakers. Knowing what interests your audience is the key to leading them with appropriate content follow-ups. 

real-time engagement insights

3. Use networking data for customized follow-ups

Over 75% of all attendees attend events for networking. As attendees interact in virtual rooms, lounges, and booths, they leave us with data and insights about what they are looking for, and how they make their purchase decisions. 

This context from the conversations at the event can help you understand your audience's needs and pain points. Your sales team can use this data to understand the leads better, send customized follow-ups, and build better rapport with prospects. 

Pro-tip: Assess your prospect's conversations during the event to identify where they stand in the marketing funnel. Are they already aware of your solution? Have they tried your products or contacted your sales team before? Scale and expedite your lead nurture without compromising on personalization by segmenting audiences based on their engagement or awareness levels. From there, you can send them the most relevant content and messaging to push them to the next stage in their buying journey.

4. Use gamification insights for personalization

With point-based leaderboards, you can incentivize participation and find out who is most motivated and likely to buy from you. The gamification insights help prioritize attendees who should be contacted first and given special offers, gifts, and a free new product trial. For existing customers, this intel will help spot potential upselling/cross-selling opportunities. The chances of conversions are higher when users get your offers while still interacting with your brand at the event. 

Pro-tip: Assign gamification points based on actions you’d want attendees to take. Want them to visit a booth? Or participate in a poll? Incentivize by assigning more points there. Connect your event data to CRM and marketing tools to trigger offers based on key attendee activities. 

gamification insights for personalization

5. Evaluate prospects with lead scoring

Wouldn't it be great if you could know exactly which leads are most interested in your product and in which product? Lead scoring in event tech enables you to identify hot leads based on specific attendee activity, including actions like product or CTA clicks and collateral downloads. This makes it easy for the sales team to prioritize and personalize follow-ups. Not only this, but with real-time lead data and insights, you can deliver the right content at the right time to the right prospects to improve conversions. 

Pro-tip: Identify specific buying signals such as booth visits, content downloads, demo requests, free trial requests, and contact requests. For in-person and hybrid events, improve the data collection mechanism with Mobile Event App and QR codes. 

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