Hubilo's Enhanced Session Layout for virtual experiences

Recreate the spontaneity of in-person events with Hubilo's Enhanced Session Layout for virtual experiences

October 3, 2022

We hear you. Virtual fatigue is real. Studies show that it’s getting harder to keep virtual audiences engaged for over 30 minutes. The majority of virtual event experiences look and feel the same, lacking the buzz, natural connections, and social simulations of in-person events, which results in low registration rates and high drop-off rates. Your audience wants to feel involved, like they are a part of your event and not mere spectators.

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With all of this in mind, we’ve built for you our newest product update, Enhanced Session Layout. It’s a fresh take on virtual sessions that brings in an element of spontaneity from a live in-person event to a virtual setting. By changing the way people interact, we want virtual audiences to be more than passive observers at events. With newer virtual event engagement opportunities like Watch Parties, quick chats, and a fresh layout, event organizers and marketers can create a genuinely immersive experience. Here’s how we do it.

Generate live event excitement with an Immersive Session Layout   

Just as attendees can do at in-person events, audiences are seated together at tables surrounding the session.  As each attendee arrives, their placement at a table is prominently illustrated. By default, the layout comes with 10 session tables that can accommodate 90 attendees. As more attendees join the event, the session tables can scale up to accommodate up to 2000 attendees, making this perfect for events of any size. Attendees can leave their table to join a different one as well, helping them discover new connections at your event.

Hubilo's Enhanced Session Layout features

Create a social viewing experience with Watch Parties   

Streaming services have made it possible for friends and fans of the same show to experience new content together even if they aren’t in the same room. Events are a means of bringing people together as well, but the majority of virtual events have left audiences feeling isolated. Now imagine being virtually seated at a table at a conference where you can interact and discuss the event with your neighbors. You are no longer alone while watching and engaging with the content. That’s what we’ve built for you with Hubilo Watch Parties! You can join an interactive social watching experience and view the sessions as a group from their table. The sessions instantly become more memorable, and your party’s discussion may create more meaningful takeaways than if you watch solo. 

With Hubilo watch parties, virtual attendees can watch online sessions with other attendees at their table while actively chatting and interacting with them just like they would if seated at a table at an in-person event. Attendees can feel truly included in the event, interact organically, and have a unique and positive event experience.

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Drive engagement with the New Interaction Panel   

We all know that the easier we make it for people to engage, the higher event engagement will be. What happens when we help them visualize their engagement options? Bringing greater virtual event engagement options front and center make them easier to access, while visualizing them spurs audience members to engage more.

Start conversations with Quick Chats: Akin to shoutouts, Quick Chats enable attendees to start conversations right at their tables. Their messages to each other are displayed as overlays on their profile picture at the table, making it easy to see who’s saying what. 

Encourage participation with Reactions: With fun and popular emojis, attendees can express themselves and react instantly to session content as it goes live.

Capture feedback with Surveys: Make it easy for attendees to see and participate in surveys in real-time. The survey is front and center on the session screen, prompting responses from your attendees for timely results.

central session screen featuring a speaker, and surrounding attendee tables

Deliver a superior viewing experience with Immersive Theater Mode 

For those who wish to focus on the session content alone, Immersive Theater Mode, allows attendees to view the video content in a larger, more visible theater mode. They can still access the interaction panel as needed, but the central session is made fully prominent. 

With Enhanced Session Layout, your attendees can craft their ideal event experience. You can empower your attendees to easily and actively network, engage, interact, and build meaningful connections throughout the session. You’ll give them a truly immersive and engaging virtual event experience they will remember and value.

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